3 Untold Tips To Improve Public Speaking, How To Improve The Self-Confidence


With self-confidence and self-belief, one can achieve whatever one may have dreamed of, and it holds an absolute if we dare to live with it, with consistency, focus, and hard work, any goal we have made seems achievable. Human beings are considered the topmost creature on this planet with their high intellectual capabilities, thinking, and determination to do impossible things.

Self-confidence may differ from person to person. Some can generate it within themselves and focus on their goal, whatever it may be, while others have to depend on another source of motivation. Self-confidence is a state of mind or thoughts that provide absolute clarity about any task or future goal, it comes from the Latin word ‘fire’, which means to trust. This means your body is now synced with what you think, and they now believe that the thought governing us can change our course of action with absolute dedication and all our strength, we are going to try it.

What Is Self-Actualization? Learning Your Strength

For some of us, this whole exercise is natural, and they can generate self-confidence with less effort, but there are ways how to develop self-confidence, recognizing your potential We must analyse our strengths and weakness. 

  • Self-actualization builds your self-confidence and it is the key to success or failure. Before making any goal (it can be a short-term or a long-term goal), we must do our SWOT (Strength, Weakness, Opportunity, and Threat) analysis. It will help us in setting the foundation for that goal. Most of the time, we know our weaknesses, but when it comes to our strengths, we are generally clueless or vice versa, this exercise will help us to think about our strengths and weaknesses objectively.
  • We are also clear about all the opportunities and threats we may face while moving forward. This exercise will bring clarity to our heads about our goal, and we tend to focus more on our strengths and work on our weaknesses gradually. By simply doing this, we are building our self-confidence.

Once you improve your self-confidence it can do wonders for you in personal ad professional life. You will be able to make good professional relations by communicating what you always wanted to say. In this way, you can actually maintain a healthy work-life balance and to know more about the value of communication at a workplace please click here.


4 Ways To Improve Your Self-Confidence

1. Feeling good about ourselves and building healthy relationships

One of the most important things that we can do is create happiness. Whatever goals we make and if we successfully achieve them & cannot appreciate ourselves, we are at the core of negativity. We must learn the art of saying thank you and well done to ourselves, if we can do this one simple thing, we can pick ourselves up from any situation.

There are many ways we think good and positive about ourselves, we are an individual on this planet, and whatever we may feel will come from within us. We create our joy and misery and seek other’s approval on it, which is wrong we must be the only ones to judge ourselves.

Make good relationships which can bring positivity within us. Please stay away from toxic relations, which are ways to demean a person. Instead, be with them where you can openly discuss your goals and can learn from them.

building healthy relationships

2. Learn from mistakes  

We should learn to accept when we are wrong, this is a very important step toward goal building. The best thing that comes out of doing things wrong is learning; a series of failures will eventually increase your learning, and you will succeed in the end. Be very objective when learning from your mistakes, and do the same thing repeatedly until you succeed.

3. Take other’s opinion

Talk to people, elders, and more experienced individual to learn their perspectives. Getting inspired by someone’s success is easy, but implementing what they did and how they did it to achieve it isn’t easy. If we want to be successful, always believe in doing tough things, facing our worst challenges, and conquering them. This will build your self-confidence so much that you will propel it with its positivity to do wonders.

Talking to others openly will also help you to build more meaningful relations. When you make relations with good positive attitude people, this starts reflecting in your personality too. They will help you to improve your self-confidence also.

4. Challenge yourself daily

While doing a simple daily task makes you efficient enough to do that particular thing effectively, you have to face your fears to achieve the glory and something you can be proud of. Conquer everything you think you cannot do, or at least be ready to face them. A person who challenges himself will be more motivated and have a very high self-confidence level.

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How To Improve Public Speaking?

Speaking in public is an art one has to master by doing very simple and basic things,

  • Know your audience before interacting with them, this will help you plan your content well in advance and be confident enough to connect with your audience. Gradually you will master this art.
  • You must practice your content a lot, understanding the audience and the speech venue will also help. If you face cross-questioning, face the questions with confidence, always believe in your preparation, and have positive body language, you should always look into the eyes of the audience. Your understanding of the subject and the content you prepared will help you. 
  • Try to connect with the audience with some personal experience or a life-changing story, people find others’ experiences interesting.
How To Improve Public Speaking

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How To Increase Your Mental Strength

By forming some healthy habits, we can increase our mental strength.

  • Learning new things which will help us in developing skills.
  • Practising keeping your mind healthy by doing some meditation, getting involved in teamwork, try to make a hobby.
  • Challenge yourself daily, and get out of your comfort zone.
  • Develop a routine, and follow it (it can be anything like going for a walk, cycling, exercising, etc.)
  • Always find a way to appreciate yourself. Stay happy and positive while facing any challenge in life. 

Mental Strength Quote

When you are goal-oriented you only learn when you achieve something in life, but when you are process-oriented the learning is vast with the happenings, you master your experiences and enjoy whatever you have achieved.”

Instead of just focusing on our goals, we tend to lose the path that how we have achieved them, the whole process tells the way to do a thing. We should appreciate ourselves during the journey from being a nobody until we have achieved everything we have dreamed of. This small thing will immensely impact our self-belief and will also make us good human beings.


Burn your soul enlighten your mind
Be hungry. Let the whole world be your appetite
Ask yourself what you want to become
Brace yourself once you have the strength!
Never quit, do not just stop
People will judge you, let them do their work
Spread your wings and fly high
Test your strength do not be shy!

Always believe in yourself, and focus on every little thing in your life. Your self-confidence will only help you once you have worked on it and are ready to face life’s challenges.

Mansi Balodi
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