5 Most Holistic Tips To Improve Human Immunity


The immune system is like a defence force that protects us against foreign pathogens that can harm or hamper the normal physiological functioning of the body. Human immunity depends on external and internal factors of our body, let us find out.

What Is Human Immunity & How Does Winter Affect It? 

The immune system of our body comprises antibodies, white blood cells, lymphatic system, bone marrow etc., these cells work strategically. They identify the culprit, kill it and throw it out of the system. Like all other systems, the immune system works effectively when the body’s homeostasis is maintained. Like, temperature changes can affect the physiology of the system. As winter approaches, we tend to fall sick. This may be due to sudden changes in the body’s thermodynamics that tend to make our body sick and we fall ill.

In winter, dry air provides a suitable medium for pathogens to travel. The respiratory tract has mucus that traps pathogens and prevents disease. But dry air tends to dry the nasal passage and throat. Due to this, they are ineffective to create a barrier against pathogens.

So, winter causes an increased likelihood of us catching diseases like the common cold, flu, sore throat, pneumonia, covid 19. As they help maintain basal body temperature so that the body can function normally. Layering will make us less susceptible to infectionsAs winter hits we restrict ourselves inside the home. Vitamin D levels drop and that causes a weak immune system to prevent winter issues.

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8 Ways To Improve Human Immunity In Harsh Weather

  •  Masks are the heroes!!! Wear a mask whenever you are going out in crowded places. Masks act as physical barriers/filters that trap the viruses and bacteria in its membrane.
  • Frequently wash your hands with soap if there is availability of water. soaps trap the germs and form a bubble around them which is washed off in the water.
  • Keep your throat moist by drinking warm water, and tea. Warm water decreases cough, enhances body circulation and provides relief from blocked nose and inflamed sinuses.
  • Wear layers!!!
  • Bask in the sun!!!
  • Exercise and stay active. Our body is structured in such a way that physical activity is required to maintain its dynamics. Light exercises and yoga can improve blood circulation. Pranayama and breathing exercises keep the pulmonary system strong. So, it is a win-win situation.
  •  Diet plays a key role. Eat fresh seasonal fruits and veggies. Nature has given us everything to combat any adverse condition. Add dairy products, nuts and whole grains to your daily diet.
  • Get your vaccine shot as prescribed by your doctor. That will protect you from unwanted enemies.
Exercise and stay active

What Are Immunity Boosters?

Human physiology is unique. When a foreign body enters the human system, it triggers much immune resistance to protect and preserve the integrity. We are exposed to thousands of pathogens, and toxic chemicals daily.

But we do not develop symptoms easily because we are being taken care of immunocompromised people, on the other hand, are more susceptible to infections as their body fails to fight effectively. The term ‘boost’ immunity can sometimes be used commercially. but to be honest, one thing that can do that is vaccines. 

Its recommended dosage at regular time duration is key to protecting yourself from unwanted pathogens. Vaccines are given to boost the immune cells to fight against that particular pathogen. but that does not mean that we cannot strengthen our bodies to fight effectively.

While dealing with immunity we must also be conscious about our oral health. It is said that our mouth is the gateway to our body. Click here to know how you can take care of your oral problems.

4 Effective Ways To Make Yourself Immune

  • Food Habits: Eat healthily- add raw, fibrous food to your daily diet. add food and vegetables rich in antioxidants, and minerals. keep your gut healthy and follow a good routine.
  •  Plan Your Day: Do what makes your heart race and kicks your adrenaline. The human body evolved in this fashion where it needs to work. let each fibre respire and work. 
  • Quit smoking and tobacco in any form. In the long run, they deteriorate your overall health and make you prone to every illness.
  • Be close to nature: During our evolutionary journey, we have imbibed all the raw materials from mother earth. There is nothing artificial that works as well as what we directly take from nature.

Ayurveda & Home Remedies To Boost The Immune System 

Ayurveda believes in a holistic approach to improve your Immunity and will increase your quality of life 

  • In Ayurveda, it is advisable not to drink water sip by sip throughout the day. Instead, figure out the amount of water your body needs from you in a day and try to gulp that in 4-5 sittings. Eating fruits will also fulfil your water needs and benefit your overall health. 
  • Giloy juice or Tinospora cordifolia juice is easily available in the market and can be taken with water. This will improve your immune system; it tends to increase your platelet count and this is very beneficial in dengue fever. 
  • Intake of Honey regularly helps to detox our bodies naturally. Honey should be used with lukewarm water to do so. Honey is the only substance on this planet whose chemical composition is very close to human blood, its regular intake will not only detox your body but also help to improve the RBCs in the blood. 
  • Try having Amla or Indian gooseberry powder or juice daily, taking it with warm water at night time will help you with constipation. Regularly taking it in your diet can help you better eyesight, good hair and skin texture. 
  • Try having neem and turmeric in the form of a tablet, which is readily available in the market. Taking both tablets with some honey water brings a vibrant energy to us from the cell level. It helps naturally clean your body and brings positivity and boosts your immune system. 
Ayurveda & Home Remedies To Boost The Immune System 


Our immune system will perform better only when we give all the healthy and beneficial things around us. As we know, stress can be very dangerous for our body, as a stressed person will have a weak immune system, which may result in various diseases. Hence, the first and foremost thing we can do is to keep ourselves stress-free. We have discussed various daily habits that will help you to build a strong immune system. Instead of taking unknown chemicals and toxins to our bodies, why not try to improve our bodies holistically? It is advised to visit a doctor or be under medication when required. Still, along with it, we should take steps for a healthy living. A sedentary lifestyle makes our immune system weak and susceptible to pathogens. It is time to let our happy hormones work and with every possibility we pledge to make our bodies healthy. 

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