5 Steps To Improve Your Mental Health


We live in a beautiful world, a loving and friendly nature with all the biological forces that want to accelerate the healthy and effortless life to flourish on this planet. We have everything that we need to excel and thrive in this world, not just barely managing to survive. The superiority that keeps us, humans, on the top of the food chain and any physical aspect of this nature and what differentiates us from other animals and creatures is our brain.

An Intellectual Machine

Nature has chosen us and gifted us with a beautiful intellectual device that is complex yet very simple, depending on our existing values. The blunder we make most of the time is that though we have gracefully accepted this beautiful intellectual and mighty machinery, we have forgotten to read the user’s manual or instructions to use this effectively and efficiently.

Our brain is kept at the top of our physical body, and it should be treated and used as the top thing needed for the flourishing of our life. As it is hard to find the limit of stars and the universe the same goes with this mere 3-pound organ. Millions of nerve cells with intricately woven synapses make it more fascinating. We fail to understand what secrets it beholds.

Physiology Of Our Brain

This cerebral power makes us unique among all creatures. People of previous generations have witnessed the real power of it by focussing on simple living and high thinking but with time we failed to do so. We have compartments of success, victory, joy, happiness, and every possible human emotion. We keep ourselves busy swinging our life with them instead of looking at the possibilities we can touch.

We need to understand that merely living and surviving with what we have stored in the form of memory is never the limit. Still, it is all our experiences of life we have to explore different horizons and prospects of life we can open by effectively using our brain. Do not constrain yourself with the boundaries that make you a cerebral slave. Break the shackles and let your mind free to witness what all possibilities are yet to be explored.

Learn more about your mental health.

5 Different Ways To Improve Mental Health

1. Stop Comparing, be your wind keeper

There is a high chance we end up doing this same thing daily by comparing ourselves, which can harm our mental health. In today’s world when almost everyone is connected with the help of social media and the internet, which has brought a significant threat to our mental health status because we tend to compare ourselves to others in the physical world. Our brain’s tendency is that whenever it sees a similar object, it immediately starts a comparison to understand nature and capabilities better. Which in turn generates various mental disorders like,

  • Anxiety, nervousness and negativity
  • Unnecessary thought building and getting influence to do unwanted things
  • Higher chance of moving toward depression

We should focus on little things in life and, step by step, move towards spending a healthy eventful day, then a month and increase it further. Later on, it will become part of your life, and because you have read the protocols to use your body perfectly, you will drive your energies toward healthy and practical living. There are a few things we should do instead of comparing and training ourselves more often because, believe it or not, we are the makers and the destroyer; nobody else is responsible for what is going on in our life.

  • Be grateful for what you have and think about the things you can achieve with what you have. It is your strength; instead of believing in your strengths, why waste your time and energy digging up what you do not have?
  • Show gratitude towards life, focus on small things like your morning’s positive thoughts, how to spend an eventful day, get busy doing creative things, play games, go outdoors whenever you have time, and sit with your family.
  • Always be content in life, whatever the situation develops a habit of not reacting to it before understanding it.
  • Always have zero expectations, do not see life as winning or losing, and focus on doing what needs to be done.
Mental Health (Stop Comparing)

2. Exercise and other ways to improve mental health

  • Spending more time with your inner self and understanding your own body and its capabilities finding new dimensions of life can be done with Meditation and Yoga. Simple meditation and sitting quietly can help us in improving our mental health.
  • Sit in a peaceful and quiet place and try to focus your attention on anything; it can be a tree, a worship idol photo, or anything.
  • You can also try it by simply closing your eyes and sitting peacefully, inhaling and exhaling deeply during this posture. If Inhale is 2x, then exhale should be 4x. Do not bind yourself with time to do this; sit and enjoy your company.
  • You can also try it by simply producing a sound AUM and keeping yourself calm and eyes closed in an upright position. (Backbone should be straight and conscious in all 3 forms).
Mental Health (Stop Comparing)

3. Participate and be happy for others

  • We should always actively indulge ourselves in some physical activity; our body tends to secrete a hormone called endorphins when we do physical activity. These hormones interact with receptors in your brain that tend to reduce pain and anxiety levels by triggering a positive feeling in the body.
  • Participation and performing some physical activity also help us develop social skills and improve interaction levels. While you are filled with positivity, you tend to attract more human beings, and this can help us to fight loneliness and anxiety disorders and, in return, improve mental health.
  • We should always be happy and grateful to others, especially for their achievements. We should discuss their efforts and the hard work they put in to achieve something, do not compare or judge; learn from it and try to do it your way. Getting inspired is good but doing it your way, irrespective of the result is better.

4. Eat Healthy Food

  • Our body has a tremendous capacity to become what we are through what we eat; we have to be very cautious and conscious of what we are eating or how we want our system to perform from what we eat.
  • Try to eat what is very close to this nature: plant-based food like fresh fruits and vegetables or grains.
  • If you eat non-vegetarian food, it is not necessary to turn vegetarian overnight, but slowly decrease meat consumption. How can we expect our bodies to rejuvenate and be lively if we consume what is already dead or killed?
  • Avoid overcooking and say no to junk food. Food cooked at home must be consumed within 45 minutes, or it will bring some passivity in you.
  • Avoid taking water sip by sip in a small amount, instead of taking it 4-5 times a day in a considerably good amount, let’s say 500-600 ml a time. This can be the simplest way to improve your mental health.
Mental Health (Stop Comparing)

5. Be conscious of what you do

  • Try to be conscious throughout the day by simply sitting with a straight backbone.
  • Believe in what you do, and do not think of any outcome because you can never control the results, dedicate and enjoy the journey.
  • Try to admire simple things like singing birds, a clear sky, talking and spending time with your loved ones.
  • Try to make a hobby, practice a sport and enjoy it at every level. Do not be competitive about it.

Your heart is easily get affected by your mental problems, it is very necessary for us to keep our heart healthy. To know how please click here.

Mental Health Awareness Month 2023

May month is decided in the USA and many other countries to create awareness about the mental well-being of an individual; although 10th October is celebrated as World Mental Health Day, the key points they both will focus on,

  • To raise awareness about mental health issues worldwide and mobilize efforts to support mental health
  • It will create awareness about mental health issues, and the ways to tackle them will also be discussed and shared.


Now we believe that we can handle our mental health better by doing some simple things and adopting them in our daily life. Do not be ignorant about things, always be conscious of this life, embrace its beauty, and love yourself. Once you start loving yourself, you will radiate positivity, move effortlessly through this life, and the whole world will be lovely.

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