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We are blessed with so many things of nature that have the power to provide sufficient nutrients to the body so that it can flourish in life. In the last 2-3 decades we started to be dependent on supplements and unnatural substances that are mostly chemically made, to keep ourselves healthy and fit for life. But slowly we have realised their long-term bad effects on our health. In the last few years, a quest to get essential nutrients from nature has become a fashion and in this same context, we will be discussing Athipalam benefits. Which is mainly used as a dried fruit. Athipalam in English is known as Figs or Anjeer in Hindi.

Athipalam or Figs nutritional facts

Figs or Athipalam are enjoyed by mankind for various centuries all over the world. They have been used as a natural sweetener before sugar took over, and it has been associated with various health benefits. Before understanding the Athipalam benefits we should know about its nutritional facts and how can we use it. Scientifically Athipalam of Figs are known as Ficus Carica they are very delicate fruit and commonly dried and used as a dried fruit over the years. Its leaves are also nutritious and people all over the world use it differently for eating purposes.

They can be found on a Ficus tree; the fruit is in a pinkish shade when cut open it has lots of seeds in it. The taste of figs is sweet, they are soft, chewy with crunchy seeds. Along with being good in taste, it has various health benefits which we will discuss in detail later on. For now, let us understand the nutritional value of figs. Dry and fresh Athipalam provides different percentages of nutrition to our body.

40g of fresh Athipalam provides,

Total calories in 40 g of fresh Athipalam30 Kcal
Amount of Proteins in Athipalam0
Amount of Fat in Athipalam0
Amount of Carbs in Athipalam8 g
Amount of Fiber in Athipalam1 g
Percentage of Copper in Athipalam3% of Daily Value
Percentage of Magnesium in Athipalam2% of Daily Value
Percentage of Potassium in Athipalam2% of Daily Value
Percentage of Vitamin K in Athipalam2% of Daily Value
Percentage of Thiamine in Athipalam2% of Daily Value
Percentage of Riboflavin in Athipalam2% of Daily Value
Percentage of Vitamin B6 in Athipalam3% of Daily Value

 40g of dried Athipalam provides,

Total calories in 40 g of dried Athipalam100 cal
Amount of Proteins in Athipalam0
Amount of Fat in Athipalam0
Amount of Carbs in Athipalam25 g
Amount of Fiber in Athipalam3.9 g
Percentage of Calcium in Athipalam5% of Daily Value
Percentage of Iron in Athipalam5% of Daily Value
Percentage of Potassium in Athipalam6% of Daily Value
Percentage of Vitamin C in Athipalam1% of Daily Value

6 unheard Athipalam or Figs benefits

Athipalm benefits the human body so much that is recommended by various doctors and experts all over the world. Being loaded with so many nutrients it is helpful for our digestive system, cardiovascular system, skin and many other things. Let us see one by one the benefits of eating Figs or Athipalam.

1. Athipalam benefits our digestive system

Eating Figs regularly provides the main benefits to our digestive system. Figs are a rich source of fibre and the patient who cannot maintain a natural bowel movement should eat it regularly. It not only helps to clean your digestive tract but also promotes the growth of good bacteria in your gut so acting as a natural prebiotic.

How to get maximum Athipalam benefits for a healthy gut

It is believed and considered a healthy practice to soak figs or Athipalam in water. Take 4-5 figs and soak them in a cup of water and keep it over the night. To take the maximum benefits of soaked figs chew them first thing in the morning, and drink the left-out water too. Eating Figs like this helps to create natural bowel movements. According to yogic science, ayurveda and modern science, your body is at its best when your inner system is clean. If you are not constipated your mind will be more conscious of what you do, and you will feel the difference in your living standard.

2. Athipalam improves your heart health

One of the main causes of rising heart disease is because to high blood pressure. Due to our bad lifestyle, eating habits and extra stress the blood flow of our body gets improper which starts to impact our cardiovascular system. Figs or Athipalam is an excellent source of Potassium which can reduce the excess intake of Sodium in the form of our diet. Sodium is one of the root causes of high Blood Pressure, and Potassium is known to balance the extra Sodium in our body. Figs also help to maintain blood fat levels and improve total Cholesterol and Triglyceride levels in our blood.

Athipalam improves your heart health

3. Can help to manage the blood sugar levels

You will be amazed to know that Figs or Athipalan when taken regularly can help to reduce blood sugar levels. On the contrary, Figs were used as a natural sweetener in the early days. It is rich in Potassium and due to the presence of chlorogenic acid, it plays a vital role in managing blood sugar.

4. Athipalam for weight loss

Athipalam which is popularly known as Anjeer in the northern part of India is a great source to reduce the extra weight. Eating 4-5 Athipalam daily makes you feel full almost the entire way. It helps us not to overeat. Another way to eat Athipalam is by soaking them in water. The fibre-rich content will increase our body metabolism and can promote weight loss.

Athipalam for weight loss

Kambu or Millet is also an excellent source to shed some extra weight. To know more about it click here.

5. It can promote healthy-looking skin

Eating Figs may promote healthy-looking skin. A cream or paste made of Figs extract when applied to the skin can help to reduce allergic dermatitis. The nutrients present in Figs can help to increase body hydration which is a good sign for the skin as it will reduce wrinkles and premature ageing signs.

Athipalam promotes healthy skin

6. It can promote strong bones

Figs are very good sources of Calcium and Potassium, and these two nutrients have many important functions in the body. They help to maintain good bone density which can help in conditions like osteoporosis. They also improve the overall structure of bones.

Athipalam promotes healthy bones

Athipalam juice benefits

We can also enjoy Figs or Athipalam juice which is very easy to make and provides equal benefits to eating them raw.

Making Athipalam Juice

For better taste and texture add 4-5 Figs in a bowl and add water to it. Leave it for a night keeping it covered, in the morning you can have it as your morning juice. Take the water and figs and keep them inside a juicer, grind it well, you need not add extra sugar for taste as it is naturally sweet. You can also add lemon juice to it. Your juice is ready to drink.

Some health benefits of Athipalam benefits

  • Helps in shedding extra weight.
  • Helps in getting a good sleep.
  • Helps to control blood sugar.
  • Improves your gut health, and reduces constipation.
  • Helps to reduce high blood pressure.

Note: Drinking Athipalam/Anjeer or Figs juice will have almost the same benefits as eating it raw.

Athipalam benefits for female

  • This special fruit is highly beneficial for women, as women are more prone to get anaemic. Figs are a rich source of iron so the regular consumption of Athipalam or Anjeer will improve the haemoglobin level and helps to fight anaemia.
  • It is also believed that Athipalam prevents Breast Cancer.
  • It can increase fertility in women.
  • Promotes good hair and skin. 

Side effects of Athipalam

  • Eating too much Athipalam can affect our proper body functions. It mainly affects the digestive system.
  • It contains a good percentage of fibre so it can cause diarrhoea when we eat it in excess.
  • Those who are allergic to it can face more digestive problems like bloating.
  • Eating Athipalam in excess can damage our liver and intestines.


Q1. What is the use of Athipalam?

Athipalam is a highly nutritional fruit which is used in a dried state mostly. Its fibre-rich content makes it a natural laxative and helps to generate bowel movements for a constipated patient. It is rich in Potassium which makes it good to control High Blood Pressure and heal bad Kidneys. It is also treated as one that can be used to shed some extra weight because after eating it you will feel full for the entire day.

Q2. What is the English name for Athipalam?

Athipalam in English is known as dried Figs, in Hindi it is called Anjeer. It has many health benefits lowering high Blood Pressure and regulating Blood Sugar are a few of them.

Q3. How do you eat Athipalam?

The best way to eat Athipalam is by soaking them in water. Take 4-5 Athipalam and soak them in a cup of water and cover it over the night. Have it first thing in the morning by chewing the Athipalam and drinking the leftover water.

Q4. What is the best time to eat Figs?

You can eat them at any time of day but morning is the best time to eat Figs. It can act as a natural laxative as it is rich in fibre content.

Q5. What are the 3 benefits of Figs?

Figs are very beneficial for our bodies. If we have to mention its 3 main benefits then they are reducing high Blood Pressure, regulating Blood Sugar and improving our Gut Health.

Q6. Are Figs good for diabetes?

Due to their low glycemic index, they are considered good during diabetes. They do not spike the blood sugar as other sweet contents.

Q7. What vitamins are in Figs?

Figs are rich in nutrients; it contains Vitamin A and C in abundant.

Q8. Are Figs hot or cold?

Figs keep our bodies warm, so it is recommended to eat them in winter. Excessive eating of Figs can cause you retinal bleeding and, in some cases, vaginal bleeding as well.

Q9. Is Athipalam good for weight loss?

Athipalam can be used to lose some weight as eating it makes you feel full for the entire because they are rich in nutrients and high in fibre, it increases our metabolism and we do not overeat while consuming Athipalam.

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