How To Deal With A Neurological Disorder?


Sometimes life pulls up its hurdles so high that an individual finds it difficult to live with them smoothly and effortlessly. I called it an effort because you need to do something extra for some natural and basic things like walking, cycling through the blowing winds and doing your day-to-day activities. A neurological disorder can be very tough to tackle, your life can surround by one challenge that you will face daily.

Fighting With A Neurological Disorder

Imagine feeling a constant difficulty while doing basic things of life which you used to do without even thinking. Some neurological issues, especially spinocerebellar ataxia, can completely alter how you see life.

Some early symptoms can be overwhelming because you lose control of your body’s movement. Slowly it builds up with constant fear and embarrassment because you tend to move in a shell, which is a form of your body’s protection against some external forces, like being presentable and how you walk and hold things. It happened to a very close person in my life, and I can write this because I have seen his daily struggle with his existence.

Fighting With A Neurological Disorder

Early Symptoms & Fighting With A Neurological Disorder Called Spinocerebellar Ataxia

  • It starts with poor hand-eye coordination, difficulty balancing, and basic body movements like walking, running, holding and moving with a glass full of water.
  • The person can experience some slur in their voice.
  • It is very difficult for a person suffering from spinocerebellar to do a mental task, especially one which involves processing or remembering certain information.
  • Sometimes you may see unusual symptoms like twitching eye muscles, cramps, weak bowel movement, difficulty memorising names and numbers, etc.
  • The person suffering from spinocerebellar ataxia tends to surround himself with unusual thoughts, which are negative most of the time; they can be surrounded with constant fear and low self-esteem because our mind, which is the core part of our body, is fighting against our existence.

In dealing with a neurological issue you must keep your mental balance, to know more about it please click here.

How To Deal With The Symptoms Of Neurological Disorders

  • We generally ignore the symptoms in the early days because it is our body’s natural tendency not to pay attention to things that seem less impactful.
  • With this neurological disorder, a very basic thing of our daily life is getting impacted, so generally, we do not deviate our focus and continue doing the other important things in life until we find a strong urge that things are not common and are falling apart.
Symptoms Of Neurological Disorder

8 Simple Ways To Live Effectively With Neurological Disorder

We should be cautious enough to handle such changes because they grow strong as time passes. We can start managing our day by doing some basic exercises like,

  • Stretching and pulling your muscles. The main idea behind this is to make our weak muscles agile and strong so that they can help us do our daily tasks and maintain body balance.
  • We can take the help of experts, doctors, and physios to start with some physical therapies which can improve our muscle coordination and balance.
  • Breathing exercises, especially pranayama, early in the morning are very helpful. It will help to calm our nervous system and fill it with positive energy, which can help us throughout the day.
  • Sitting peacefully in a place, not necessarily doing meditation, helps us to calm our thought process and channelise it with some positivity and believe me, when we are determined, positive and full of confidence, then every neurological disorder seems less dominant on us, and we get the energy to deal with it.
  • Eating healthy food, especially one which is close to nature, is a lively vegetarian food. We should avoid junk food, hard, cooked food and not consume it after 45-50 minutes of its preparation. The food we eat should bring positivity and help us build new cells and neurons in our bodies. This is a healthy habit & I am not saying it will help reduce your symptoms, but whatever we consume in our body has a certain level of impact on us. When we feel good and healthy, we are more than ready to face anything in this world.
  • Develop positive thoughts, and do not be afraid of trying things. We should not restrict ourselves at any stage of life. Living freely means we are ready for the challenges this life will throw on us and accept them gracefully with a smile. For this, we can develop a habit of reading and listening to soulful music. We can try painting; it does not matter if we can paint or create a mess out of it, but do not ever be prejudiced about yourself; getting failed also brings some learning; never be afraid of trying.
  • Take the help of those people who love you and care for you. Talk to them, and make them aware of what is going on and your difficulties. Do not surround yourself only with challenges and negativity in life; always try to look at the brighter side of it.
  • Some physical devices are readily available in the market and may help you with your day-to-day activities, like a walker, clutch or even a wheelchair.

To know more about neurological disorders and their impact, read this article


Break the shackles and the bones 
You are the guardian of your own!
Take a leap beyond your belief
Leaning in for what you have believed!!

Search for questions reasons will follow 
Just change the order, and you never be hollow
On the ground, you will get kicked
Down & out, you may get wicked!
Hold your nerves; calm that down
Tomorrow is a new day, and it will be the next round!!

Never give up, never stop trying, and do not hesitate to take someone’s help. We are no different from others. Strange, but this is my life story, and the loved one I mentioned in the first half of this blog is myself only. I am not ashamed of myself. Can a disorder possibly stop my flight and corner me with everything it throws at me? NO!! I never get on my feet daily with the embarrassment and feeling bad in life, but again, I get up because I know life is so much more, and I am more than just a victim of my neurological disorder.

Mansi Balodi
Mansi Balodi
My life is always on a run but I try to find time for myself to let my wisdom and knowledge help and guide you. In my blogs, I will try to demystify the complexities of topics and will connect with you with ease of understanding. So let's explore the treasure of the world with words.

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