8 Most Joyful Reasons To Become A Mother, Taking Care During & Post Pregnancy


To become a mother perhaps is one of the world’s most pure, most complete and most divine feelings. It is rightly said that a woman is reincarnated with his feelings of affection and love; that is how a lovely journey from expecting a baby to their birth is completed. The almighty has blessed a women’s body to conceive and reproduce so that this whole world can run at its pace and evolution can take place continuously.

Becoming A Mother: Early Days

Being a mother is not easy, you need to mentally and physically prepare yourself to take the emotional rollercoaster ride of your life. For Becoming a mother you need to transform your body.

Whenever a woman decides to get pregnant, the next 9 months from the day of conceiving is a journey filled with all possible emotions on this planet. Women, in general, possess that energy and determination with a sense of care, love and compassion, all of these things come very naturally. However, hormones play a very important part during the whole process.

Becoming A Mother Early Days

Roles To Play After Becoming A Mother

Being a mother, you have to play different roles during different stages of your children’s life.

The first half of pregnancy, that is, before the birth of a child, generally the things happening to you with a very low control level as you need to take care of your diet, have to depend on supplements, handle the morning sickness, cravings and worst of all is delivery pain these are only some of the things that a pregnant woman goes through on day-to-day basis.

After giving birth to a child, you need to be extra cautious about your health. This is when your immune system is very weak, perhaps this was the majority of those things women can partially control.

What about the emotional ups and downs post-pregnancy? How to take care of a child? Manage them. Ahh! There are many things to say about this, but we are focusing on some.

8 Most Joyful Reasons To Become A Mother

1. A Very Special Feeling To Share With Your Loved Ones

In the early weeks of getting pregnant, there is a glow on your face that you can’t hide and probably do not want to hide. This may be how your body is thanking you for your decision to bring a life into this world. You start sharing it with everyone you love and care about; the whole environment is filled with love and positivity.

2, Pamper yourself and spend your days planning

You are the centre point of every discussion. Everybody around you will be extra cautious of you; they will cherish and want to spend more time with you. Enjoy this attention; when you start planning for future possibilities, all the ill things like cramps and morning sickness seems easy to handle.

3. You will feel empowered as you are doing what others can’t

You will feel a natural force driving you during your pregnancy; you will feel positive about it. Giving birth empowers you as a human being as you play an essential part in the biological cycle of nature.

4. Some physical conditions may improve

The most important things that a woman can imbibe, which will remain with her throughout her life after pregnancy, are understanding her real strength, mental toughness, courage and confidence. Though an extra nutritious diet and exercise that you may start with your pregnancy will have some positives, your face will glow, acne will go away, change in the texture of your nails and hair.



5. Taking care of your child and slowly shaping their future

As a mother, you have to be very cautious about your child’s health and keep their vaccination time in mind. All this stress turns out to be joyful when your child holds you for the first time or says, Mumma! A mother is filled with those joyful moments. How you bring your child and the wisdom and knowledge you share with them in the form of stories and games can be anything that will eventually shape their future.

5. Taking care of your child and slowly shaping their future

6. Forming a bond with your child

While you are holding your child, changing their diapers, cleaning their mess or giving them a smile during a bubble bath or with your silly tunes that you dance for them is very important and helps you to form a bond that is sacred and filled with love and can only be experienced by you two. This bond will remain forever and will help a child to understand you as a human and life in general.

7. Playing games, sitting together (a day well spent)

As your child grows, their life revolves around you; this is the most beautiful feeling in the world one can feel. Playing games with them, helping them with eating, during bath time or while cleaning their mess, a mother touches those sides of emotions one cannot even think of. Taking them to the playground, watching them go, and making new friends are important and lovely parts of being a parent, especially a mother.

8. Making them better people, seeing how they face this world

A mother helps in shaping a perfect future for her kid. Things they have learned in their childhood will help them flourish in this world. Whenever a child feels stuck in their life, they will discuss it with their mother because of her sense of security and calmness. This is the true magic of nature that your birth giver will be able to guide you with every hurdle of life.

During pregnancy, you should be well aware of the challenges ahead to taking care of a child during growing age. Growth years are very risky click here to know more about it. Do not worry this article will help you.

5 Essential Things To Take Care Of During & After Pregnancy

Getting pregnant can be very challenging at times, you need to take extra care of yourself as well as of your child. The necessary precaution to be taken during and after pregnancy,

1. Improve the eating habits

  •    Always eat healthy food which can be easily digested.
  •   Keep fruits and vegetables in your daily diet, as they are a rich source of vitamins and minerals, like lentils, peas, beans, soybeans, avocados, berries, oranges, and apples. They are also rich in fibres, so they will help in preventing constipation.
  • You can eat dry fruits like walnuts, figs, raisins, apricot, and dates.
  • If you can eat non-vegetarian food, try eggs, fish, and salmon and take fish liver oil.
  • Keep yourself hydrated and drink plenty of water during and after pregnancy.
  • Note that women usually take a healthy and nutritious diet during pregnancy, but after giving birth, this thing generally fades away. That should not be the case because after giving birth, the immune system is very weak, and one should not break the healthy things they are taking, like a protein-rich diet, milk, cheese, yoghurt, fish, eggs, and meat.

2. Exercise, yoga and meditation will help you fight the body’s stress

  • Stretching exercises, movement of hands, shoulders and legs, some yoga, and taking a walk in the evening or early morning. Pranayam or breathing exercise. A study suggests that an active woman is less likely to experience post-pregnancy problems. Follow your daily activities as long as you are comfortable, though abrupt jumping and lifting heavy weights are not recommended.
  • After pregnancy, you can try the Kegel exercise, exercises that strengthen the pelvis and abdomen, yoga, and pranayama.

3. Form a good habit and follow it

Try forming a hobby like playing some musical instrument, start writing your diary, try painting, you can even go cycling with your friend or read a book. All these activities will take out the stress in your life and fill you positively. Do not stop to practise them after pregnancy.

4. Avoid using alcohol, cigarettes, and caffeine

Taking alcohol, or cigarettes are not advised during or after the pregnancy. We need to avoid them in general, they impact you not only physically but also mentally. Women should also avoid caffeine-rich drinks like coffee, sports drinks etc.

5. Sleep adequately

In pregnancy and post-pregnancy, your body takes a toll on its natural course of living, it can demand extra naps from you.

Managing Stress During & After Pregnancy

The whole life of a woman turns upside down while pregnancy and even after giving birth to a child, few measures to be taken to manage stress during and after pregnancy,

  • Always try to find time for yourself, streamline your thoughts that time and feel positive.
  • Spend time with your loved ones to discuss the life changes you are expressing.
  • You can also find local groups for you and your baby to share things.
  • Form healthy habits, read, and visit your friend.
  • Manage your stress by doing some breathing exercises.


“The value of that one word
The sensation of that sound, 
Always made me believe
that my god is around
The way you love
The way you smile
A never-ending hope
You are even god’s last mile.”

Being a mother is a gift given by nature to women on this planet. It comes with lots of responsibilities, it is not easy for them to smoothly sail through this event of their life. It takes courage and emotional swings to be a mother. Giving birth, perhaps is the purest thing in this world.

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