Do Fig Newtons Make You Poop: Exploring Digestive Benefits


Constipation emerged as one of the biggest threats that can hamper well-being. In the United States of America alone, we have around 4 million people who find it too difficult to poop. This staggering number contributes to 2.5 million doctor visits annually. Many of us try to get benefits out of everything we do, and that is how we started to explore Fig Newtons. Cookies filled with chewy figs are enjoyed by all as a snack. Consider it a marketing strategy or a case of pure curiosity. Fig Newtons are considered to be something that can aid in the symptoms of constipation. This blog will dig deep and explore whether this statement holds true and whether these sweet treats also hold the key to better digestive health. In the other words: Do Fig Newtons make you poop?

The answer to this question is not likely simply yes or no. Through this article, we will explore everything that can support or oppose Fig Newton’s ability to aid symptoms of constipation. Buckle up as we will attempt to answer the following:

  • About Fig Newtons
  • Nutrients of Fig Newtons
  • Relation with constipation
  • Do Fig Newtons Make You Poop
  • Can it cause Diarrhea

 What is Fig Newtons

 What is Fig Newtons
 What is Fig Newtons

The idea behind Fig Newtons was to introduce a cookie that can be made healthy by adding fig paste. It is a popular snack that has been enjoyed for over a century.

1. Classic Feature

  • They are soft and chewy and are made from the floor and unsalted butter, which should be smooth and cold.
  • Sugar, fat, and leaving agents are added, which offers a contrasting texture to the filling.
  • In filling, they will use dried figs, sugar, and spices, which provide a sweet flavor and unique texture to the snack.
  • They are also known for their distinctive shape, which is rectangular with crimped edges.

2. Variations

  • The snack has gained popularity for fig filling inside a cookie. They have come up with different fruit fillings, namely strawberries, apples, and many more.
  • The brand also offers this cookie in a whole wheat option. With this option, the nutritional profile is going to be different.
  • A sugar-free version of the cookie is also on the market. This caters to all those people who are looking for reduced sugar content.

Interesting Fact 1: The history of the discovery of Fig Newtons goes back to 1891. A backer named Charles Roser from Philadelphia in the United States developed this idea.

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Nutrient Composition of Fig Newtons

Nutrient Composition of Fig Newtons
Nutrient Composition of Fig Newtons

Everyone must go through the product offerings before considering involving Fig Newtons in the diet. The best way to understand it is by checking its nutrient composition.

Fat (including saturated fat)0.5-1.5
VitaminsA small amount of Vitamin A and some B Vitamin
MineralsA small amount of calcium, iron, and potassium
Carbohydrates including sugar and fiber20-22g
Nutrient Composition of Fig Newtons

Fig Newtons and Constipation

Fig Newtons and Constipation
Fig Newtons and Constipation

We should understand the below-mentioned point before considering consuming Fig Newtons. Even if it can solve the constipation problem, can you risk your well-being after knowing it has a high sugar content? Let us find out the relation between constipation and Fig Newtons.

1. Fiber Content

We should check the fiber content of figs, which is the main filling of the cookie. It is high in fiber. The nutrient value of fig helps to alleviate constipation in some individuals.

Reality Check: The overall fiber in a cookie is merely 1 gram.

2. Hydration

  • Scientifically combining a fiber-rich diet with adequate water intake can manifold the chance of constipation getting better.
  • Fiber absorbs the water in the digestive tract, softening stool and promoting bowel movements.
  • Pairing plenty of water intake with Fig Newton enhances the chances of improving constipation.

3. Moderation

  • We must have a defined boundary. Going beyond it can have consequences. The same goes for Newton Figs. They must be consumed in moderation.
  • They are convenient and mouth-watering snacks that are generally high in sugar. This can give rise to various problems if not taken in moderation.

4. Individual Response

  • We should understand one thing: the effect of any dietary item can depend on individual response.
  • It is a known fact that every body type is different. After consuming Newton Figs, some individuals can feel changes in bowel movements.

Interesting Fact 2: These snacks were called “Fig Rolls” in the early days. Later on, they changed the name to “Fig Newtons” in 1901.

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Do Fig Newtons Make You Poop

Do Fig Newtons Make You Poop
Do Fig Newtons Make You Poop
  • It is not easy to take a side on whether Fig Newtons help us to poop. It is going to depend on how much we consume daily. Let me be clear if we are taking them in moderation and keeping a check on their high sugar levels. It is doubtful it will impact our bowel movements and make us poop.
  • Due to the involvement of figs which may cause laxative action due to the presence of a compound called pectin. Its primary function is to soften the stool, making it easier to pass through the digestive system. It also influences our bowel movements by acting on the intestinal wall.
  • It largely depends on the individual and their body type. Some people are sensitive enough that they feel a change in bowel movement with the laxative and fiber content of Fig Newtons.
  • As a recommendation, if you feel you are constipated, then getting dependent on these things can be dangerous. They are mostly high in sugar and other harmful compounds. If we breach moderation, we might fall into the trap of other various severe diseases like diabetes and obesity.

Overall Verdict 1: Everyone loves snaking and Fig Newtons is a convenient and nostalgic way to indulge in its taste and goodness. However, one should consider the high sugar content before making it a dietary choice. It does contain some fiber and nutrients but the question is it good enough so we ignore its drawbacks?

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Can Fig Newtons Cause Diarrhea

Can Fig Newtons Cause Diarrhea
Can Fig Newtons Cause Diarrhea

This action is not strange and is possible because of the content profile of Fig Newtons. Diarrhea can be a gastrointestinal discomfort and can be aggravated due to the fiber profile of the cookie. 

1. Reasons That Might Contribute to Diarrhea

  • The cookies contain some fiber, around 1 gram per serving. Taking in large quantities can lead to gastrointestinal discomfort, termed diarrhea.
  • Cookie filling is mainly done with fig paste. They are rich in pectin, which acts as a laxative. This compound can trigger frequent bowel movements, which can cause diarrhea.

2. Reasons That Might Not Contribute to Diarrhea

  • The overall fiber content per cookie is relatively low compared to fruits and vegetables.
  • The cookie has a high sugar content. About 8 grams in a single serving can contribute to constipation.
  • Every individual is different. Therefore, we cannot generalize these effects. It might cause diarrhea in some, while others can be unimpacted.

Overall Verdict 2:According to the facts and considering the nutritional value of Fig Newtons, it is unlikely to cause any change in bowel movements when taken in moderation.

Interesting Fact 3: Currently, “Fig Newtons” is owned by Mondelez International under Nabisco.

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We have started our journey by delving into the facts: do Fig Newtons make you poop. In conclusion, it has made us a bit delusional as some individuals may experience changes in their bowel movements, and others remain unaffected. After consuming Fig Newtons, its fiber content varies with the body type and can affect our gastrointestinal health. The most alarming thing was to consider the sugar-rich content. These cookies are loaded with sugar and other processed items, which can disrupt our bowels and even cause constipation. Getting dependent on Fig Newtons to find a solution for something serious like constipation can be very challenging. If these snacks are not taken in moderation, they can hamper our health instead of causing benefits. Type 2 diabetes can be one of the side effects that we are talking about.

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