Does Milk Get Rid of Your High: Navigating Being Too High


Once in a while, a person may get intoxicated over certain substances. During that time, few substances readily available in the kitchen might sober us down. The biggest mystery of all that provoked us to write this blog is “Does milk get rid of your high.” We would love to dig deep into this fact, as per some popular belief, milk possesses mystical properties that can swiftly nullify the impact of being high.

Delving into this exciting topic will make us go through some anecdotal beliefs and scientific discoveries. There is no concrete proof available that can justify the efficacy of milk in bringing back your senses after getting hammered. A scientific study believes that milk sometimes slows down the absorption of certain medications or chemicals, but it is not sure for most psychoactive substances. Without attaining knowledge about milk being the agent to get rid of your high, it can be dangerous to use it after being heavily intoxicated. In this blog, we will discuss the easy ways to get sober from a high.

5 Possible Reasons to Get Too High

5 Possible Reasons to Get Too High
5 Possible Reasons to Get Too High

Before looking for the answers to the exciting topic of “Does milk get rid of your high?” We need to look for the reasons behind it. Getting intoxicated to feel numbness is very popular these days across various societies. This can be because of anything, but I believe killing the conscious sometimes can bring down the pressure and stress levels of life.

There are various other ways one person gets too high. These are,

1. Low Tolerance

  • In this case, the tolerance level is to decide the moment one loses its senses and when intoxication kicks in. Tolerance can depend on various things, including body type and metabolic rate.
  • People with low tolerance for intoxication are more susceptible to getting too high.
  • Even a small dosage can be enough to show more potent effects.

2. Misjudging Dosage

  • It can be a possibility that sometimes the person who is getting intoxicated misjudged the dosage. It can happen when one is not sure about the potency of the substance.
  • We could also blame the environment at the time of getting intoxicated. It can sometimes hijack your senses and blow you out in the flow.

3. Increased Potency

  • The persons who are getting intoxicated should be aware of the potency of the substance they are using.
  • Individuals can be caught off-guard if they are not sure about the batches, types of substance, and potency.

4. Mixing Substances

  • It is a tendency for people to try different intoxication compounds in one go.
  • This will give rise to synergistic effects, which will amplify the potency and result in more robust intoxicated levels than expected.

5. Body Type and Metabolism

  • They both play an essential role in defining the level of high after getting intoxicated.
  • If a person is weak and has an underlying disorder primarily related to the nervous system, they can get very high even after trying a lower quantity.

Does Milk Get Rid of Your High

Does Milk Get Rid of Your High
Does Milk Get Rid of Your High
  • A common belief across many cultures is that drinking milk can lighten your intoxication levels or “Sober you up.” We have tried to search for the profs who can justify the efficacy of milk in this case. However, it failed to conclude, as it was primarily based on individual beliefs and not a scientific study.
  • According to a simple biological fact, our liver metabolizes alcohol at a consistent rate. Milk or similar product is not going to speed up that process. The body needs time to break down and flush out alcohol naturally.
  • One of the most effective ways to reduce the levels of intoxication is by keeping ourselves hydrated and allowing our bodies to metabolize the intoxicated compounds completely.
  • Eating food and getting proper rest is also recommended to wear off the effects.
  • It might be a possibility that after drinking milk or any other fluid, we might feel less intoxicated as our body will get hydrated.

Does Milk Cut the Effect of Drugs

Does Milk Cut the Effect of Drugs
Does Milk Cut the Effect of Drugs
  • Scientific studies do not support common beliefs. However, it is being felt by many individuals, so we are still accepting the fact also till it is proven.
  • It was a belief that drinking milk after getting intoxicated on substances like marijuana would wear down its effect. 
  • According to a popular theory, milk is rich in fats and proteins, which bind with the active compounds of intoxicated substances. This action will slow down the absorption and lessen the impact on the body.
  • The body can get hydrated after drinking milk, which is a possible reason for how it cuts off the effects of intoxication.
  • Relying on something that is not proven scientifically can lead to danger. Try simpler things like staying hydrated by drinking plenty of fluids, eating food, and taking rest to counter the effects.

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7 Ways to Get Sober Up

7 Ways to Get Sober Up
7 Ways to Get Sober Up

Sometimes, it isn’t very comfortable for others if you are the one who is not able to handle the intoxication. It depends on various things. Metabolic rate and body type play a huge role in it. Here are some simple ways you can sober yourselves.

1. Hydration

  • We can damage our internal organs if we do not hydrate ourselves after being intoxicated.
  • Drinking water will not sober you up, but it will help keep the body from getting dehydrated.
  • After getting dehydrated, the metabolism will slow down, and you might feel an additional kick because of it.

2. Time

  • Getting relaxed and buying time for the body to naturally narrow down the effects of intoxication is one of the best ways to handle it.
  • The liver metabolizes alcohol at a certain pace. We need to be patient till that happens, which can bring back our senses.

3. Food

  • If we eat a balanced diet after getting intoxicated, there is a chance the substance will get absorbed.
  • It will reduce the intensity of the high. 

4. Rest

  • Taking a nap and getting proper rest might subside the effects of intoxication.
  • While resting, we could limit the delusions and hallucinations of the mind.

5. Fresh Air

  • Taking a deep breath of fresh air might bring alertness.
  • It is a well-proven fact experienced by many individuals that closed and crowded places might increase the levels of high.

6. Lemon and Peppercorn

  • Sipping a lemon drink might help in two ways: it keeps us hydrated and reduces the stress and anxiety that can be felt during intoxication.
  • Yes, chewing peppercorns can indeed help us to bring back our senses. It contains terpenes, which reduce anxiety and promote relaxation.

7. Avoid Further Consumption

  • Refrain from overdoing things. Once you get a decent high, avoid retaking the intoxicating substance.
  • Doing it over and mixing the substances can hamper our health.

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Answering the fascinating question, “Does milk get rid of your high?” made us delve into many anecdotal beliefs and scientific theories. It has not been concluded that milk does have mystical powers to sober you up from a hammered stage. However, there are various ways that we can do this once we feel that we have consumed enough intoxicated substances and will reach our limits. Staying hydrated and giving it time are the best ways to negotiate the high.

Mansi Balodi
Mansi Balodi
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