What Is Dr. Gina Sam 7 Second Morning Ritual: Understanding Bowel & Morning Rituals


We have struggled lately with many natural self-sufficient processes like generating bowel movements. Constipation had engulfed most of us, and we have been living with the constant stress and discomfort of emptying a bowel in the morning. Does this feel like your own story till now? This blog will discuss Dr. Gina Sam’s 7 Second Morning Ritual, which has gained the limelight across various social media platforms.

Additionally, in this study, we will delve into understanding 

  • The role of a healthy bowel movement. 
  • Seven easy steps that we can take to empty our bowels. 
  • Some lifestyle modifications are to be done to improve our gastrointestinal health.
  • Seven excellent benefits for a 7-second bowel release.

Who is Dr. Gina Sam: Importance of 7 Seconds

Who is Dr. Gina Sam: Importance of 7 Seconds
Who is Dr. Gina Sam: Importance of 7 Seconds
  • Dr. Gina Sam is a world-renowned gastroenterologist who has been quite popular across the internet for her seven-second bowel release program. Our gut health is deteriorating daily because of exposure to poor lifestyle habits and eating habits. In this era of digitalization, we have been struggling with the demons of constipation.
  • She is like another gastroenterologist who feels obliged to work on one of the significant concerns of today’s society, i.e. constipation.
  • By following her studies, which are about maintaining good gut health. We can form a healthy habit of practicing ways to get rid of constipation, like drinking hot water sip by sip, stretching a bit, and finding the correct position for passing the stool.

What is the Secret about 7 Seconds

  • Maintaining good gut health by ensuring a healthy bowel movement is very necessary to attain a well-being. An empty gut is generally considered as healthy across various branches of medical science. The overall body system heals whenever the gut is empty, and our productivity throughout the day heightens. 
  • Seven-second morning rituals mainly discuss developing a regime for emptying the bowel in the morning. Many people struggle with this simple process. In this blog, we will examine the habits that can aid in generating bowels and combating constipation.
  • Picture this whenever you feel stuck and irritated by something in your body for some time. That annoying feeling disturbs the mood, causes discomfort, and can lead to many diseases. Medical Science has been speaking about the criticality of maintaining gut health. Almost all of the major diseases have some connection with it.

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What is a Healthy Bowel Movement

What is a Healthy Bowel Movement
What is a Healthy Bowel Movement

A healthy bowel movement is considered a must to ensure healthy living. Being one of the most straightforward processes naturally, we have made it chaotic by our poor lifestyle habits and dietary changes.

Maintaining a good fiber intake, proper hydration, and eating less processed food are healthy habits that can aid in constipation. Below are some points that ensure a healthy bowel movement.

1. Regularity & Ease of Passage

  • Regular bowel movements depend a lot on genetics and body types. Daily motion up to three times or thrice weekly is considered normal in many cases. 
  • Consistency and frequency are a must to maintain a healthy digestive system.
  • A healthy bowel movement is considered when there is a certain degree of ease and no discomfort. The stool should pass through the system without effort and not be complicated or lumpy. 

2. Proper Color & No Blood

  • The color of stool is dependent on many factors like diet and hydration level.
  • In general, the color of stool is brown due to the presence of bile pigments.
  • Blood in the stool can signify underlying health problems such as gastrointestinal bleeding: hemorrhoids, or anal fissures. 

3. Complete Evacuation & Consistent Odor

  • A healthy bowel is one when there is a complete evacuation of stool from a human body. After the bowel, the individual should feel comfortable and relaxed.
  • There is a consistent odor of stool resulting from a healthy bowel. Excessive foul smell can signify an underlying health condition.

4. No Excessive Urgency

  • Healthy bowel happens at fixed intervals and regularly without excessive frequency or urgency.
  • Urgent or high-frequency can indicate certain gastrointestinal discomforts like diarrhea or irritable bowel syndrome (IBS).

7 Steps for 7-Second Bowel Release

7 Steps for 7-Second Bowel Release
7 Steps for 7-Second Bowel Release

We have made a mess of the natural and one of our body’s most straightforward processes, i.e., bowel movement. Follow the mentioned steps religiously in life and never forget to discuss them with a gastroenterologist or other valid and expert healthcare professional. 

Below are seven easy lifestyle hacks that may help in generating bowels.

1. Drinking Warm water and Relax

  • There are a few things that we have to change quickly if we face the issue of constipation. The first one will be walking early in the morning. Fix a time in the morning, and your biological clock will start working to that routine.
  • The second and most important thing is sipping hot water (temperature must be adjusted as needed).
  • Hot water rehydrates our body and also moisturizes the stool in the gut. 
  • It is an effective way to pass the stool first thing in the morning.

2. Proper Positioning

  • To ensure the smooth flow of stool, we can sit in a squat position. This position puts the correct pressure on the digestive tract for a soft and difficulty-free removal of stool.
  • If you are not comfortable enough to sit in a squat position in a toilet, you can use a footstool to elevate your feet. This will become a more natural position for passing the stool.

3. Deep Breathing

  • Deep breathing is an excellent way to relax and calm the abdomen muscles.
  • When the abdomen muscles are relaxed, it will encourage natural peristaltic movement of the intestine.

4. Mindful Relaxation

  • It is said that you are not stressed out because of constipation. Focus your energies on relaxing the pelvic floor muscles. You will be shocked to know that stress can worsen your current constipation.
  • Please do not force it anytime, as it can lead to other complications.

5. Prompt Response

  • We should immediately respond to our bowel urgencies by heading toward the toilet.
  • Any delay or holding the urge to pass the stool can risk further complications.

6. Efficient Evacuation

  • Efficient evacuation also means that once you are on the toilet, you should allow all your focused energy to go towards emptying the bowel.
  • While sitting on the toilet, we should avoid distractions. Some people have a habit of reading the morning news and fiddling with their mobile, which is terrible.

7. Complete Evacuation

  • A complete evacuation of waste material generally signifies a relaxed and comfortable body.
  • Sitting for an extra moment after the initial release is entirely correct. This will ensure you have emptied your colon.

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Necessary Lifestyle Modifications to Keep Gut Healthy

Necessary Lifestyle Modifications to Keep Gut Healthy
Necessary Lifestyle Modifications to Keep Gut Healthy

Constipation is majorly considered an eating and lifestyle disorder. Have you noticed that the cases of constipation have gone to an all-time high? One of the main reasons behind this is our sedentary life. Below are some lifestyle hacks that can positively impact deformities like constipation.

1. Fiber is the King

  • Yes, it is at least for keeping a healthy gut. We should eat a fiber-rich diet to ensure we stay away from constipation.
  • Fiber is mainly of two types: soluble and insoluble fiber. Soluble fiber forms a gel-like lining across the gastrointestinal tract. It ensures that stool remains hydrated in the colon, which makes it easy to pass through the system.
  • The insoluble fiber adds bulk to the stool, which makes it easier to pass through the system.

2. Stay Hydrated

  • Drinking enough water throughout the day ensures the stool gains moisture by absorbing it. This will allow smooth and stress-free movement of stool within our bodies.
  • Water is an essential element of the digestion process. It helps to break down the food in the digestive tract.
  • Chronic dehydration can lead to constipation. Staying hydrated supports your overall bowel health and reduces the risk of various gastrointestinal deformities.

3. Light Physical Activity

  • Walking or gentle stretching can stimulate the abdominal muscles and intestines, promoting peristalsis. This wave-like contraction helps to move the food across the digestive tract and reduces the chances of constipation.
  • Getting involved in light physical activity can bring down stress, which can be a leading cause of constipation.

4. Mindful Eating

  • Chewing the food entirely promotes healthy digestion. It will break for into fine particles, making digestion easy and nutrient absorption proper.
  • Mindful eating involves tuning into your body’s hunger and fullness cues. Those can help us prevent overeating and promote a balanced diet.

7 Benefits of 7-Second Bowel Release

7 Benefits of 7-Second Bowel Release
7 Benefits of 7-Second Bowel Release

Bowel movements are considered the reason we empty our gut. This is a part of the gastrointestinal system. We have been struggling with high constipation cases, which mainly have started due to unhealthy eating and harmful lifestyles.

It is said that a healthy gut ensures well-being. We have better energy levels and are not stressed out because of a deformity. Below are some benefits that are associated with bowel release.

1. Efficiency

  • Our body is much more efficient if we have comfortable and easy bowels. 
  • The whole process of passing the stool is generally lengthy. For healthy individuals, it can be a matter of seconds.
  • We can channel our energies toward other productive work if we start having efficient bowels.

2. Better Digestive Health

  • Regular bowels can help in keeping a healthy digestive system. It is said that releasing waste regularly can prevent various diseases, including constipation.
  • A healthy gut means a healthy body. Yes, most of the deformities are linked to poor gut health.

3. Minimum Discomfort

  • A smooth and regular bowel movement can minimize the discomfort and stress it can bring. Holding waste in the colon for a more extended period invites many health problems.
  • Some early signs of discomfort can be gas, nausea, bloating, and abdominal cramps.

4. Enhanced Hygiene

  • A smooth bowel ensures a hygienic environment. With a lack of natural bowel, patients may feel gassy and nauseous, which can create unhygienic situations.
  • Problems like hemorrhoids or anal fissures can happen when waste is stuck in the colon for a long.

5. High Energy Levels

  • Your energy levels will be heightened once you feel relaxed and comfortable after passing the stool.
  • After having a satisfactory bowel, the body releases endorphins, neurotransmitters that promote happiness and well-being.
  • Improvement in physical discomfort can also prevail in mental clarity and focus. 

6. Hydrated Body

  • The body can gain the necessary hydration level after having a satisfactory bowel movement.
  • The food absorbs water during digestion, making it easy to pass through the system. The body stores additional water in the colon, where stool is formed. This is done to prevent stool from becoming dry. This complete process helps to maintain the body’s hydration level.

7. Overall Well-Being

  • An irregular bowel, often called constipation, can disrupt the idea of well-being. This is because it can cause many diseases.
  • Advanced studies have predicted the linkage of gut health with other deformities. Keeping the gut healthy has become more crucial now.

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Dr. Gina Sam’s 7-second morning ritual effectively treats symptoms of constipation, which can be achieved by regularising bowel movements. This can be done by following powerful lifestyle hacks like starting your day by sipping hot water and adopting a comfortable position on the toilet. Taking deep breaths and practicing body relaxation can also be a great way to avoid constipation in the long run. This also activates the body’s natural gastrocolic reflux. This reflux helps to ease stress on the colon and pelvic floor, which facilitates the smooth flow of stool.

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