Elephant Hair Ring (Yanai Mudi Ring) Benefits, Myths & Facts Around It


India is a culturally diversified land where you will find beliefs and myths that are being followed in different societies and regions. As you go from Northern to Southern India or from Western to Eastern India you can experience this cultural diversity. People living in these regions might have different customs and sets of beliefs but they are united by a fine bond of religion that is mainly Hinduism. It is said to be one of the oldest religions in the world, we can see the mythological facts and figures that are running in the culture from the ancient time. In this blog, we will be talking about one such belief which is elephant hair ring benefits.

Elephant hair rings benefits

Understanding the facts behind carrying an elephant hair ring

Elephants are considered holy animals and have been worshipped. One of the Hindu deities Lord Ganesha has a face resembling an elephant. Even in African mythology elephants are treated highly and believed to have a connection between heaven and earth. Understanding the real philosophy behind elephant hair ring benefits is very important for us. We have to take a deep dive and understand what this mythological symbol means for an individual. We need to understand science as well as the cultural facts behind this. 

Indian mythology and the importance of holy figures

People in India and various other parts of the world especially Africa always kept harmony with nature they have found a unique way that they can live in nature and grow as per its growth and changes. Plants and animals are always closely attached to our style of living and have always been an integral part of our culture. On this similar tone, elephants are found in Southern India mostly and the culture of South India keeps them as a very special and important part of human life. That may be one of the reasons that people drive towards the power and structure of an elephant.

This might be one of the reasons behind the elephant hair ring benefit. The elephant trunk is also considered a powerful symbol in most societies. The association of the elephant with lord Ganesha can be the major factor behind this belief and keeping the things that are associated with an elephant may be the way of connection between man and God. It is a Hindu mythological fact says that lord Ganesha is always worshipped before we start anything, and it is believed that he saves us from various negative energies and influences of this world. The elephant is the closest symbol between us humans and the god himself so they might carry an elephant hair ring with them.

Yanai Mudi ring benefits

The ring has been associated with many benefits and is very famous in Tamil Nadu which is a Southern state of India. Traces in history books also says it might be closely associated with old Japanese culture, it is a type of jewellery which is to be worn for good luck, peace and wealth. Other benefits which are associated with Yanai Mudi or Elephant Hair ring,

  • The ring or bracelet is worn because many people believe that it will protect us from negative energies and bad influences in the world.
  • Some believe it is for those who feel unlucky in love or any other relationship.
  • The elephant is associated with power, the ability to do difficult things so people wear it during illness, and the ring may protect them from misfortunes.
  • Many people wear it for good luck.
  • Japanese believes this ring will make them fearless and we may get external peace.

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Yanai Mudi ring benefits

On which finger or hand, we should wear the ring and bracelet

We can call it just a myth but I firmly believe that when we associate ourselves with any object it may be spiritual or not the only thing that matters the most is our belief and association with that object.

  • When you are wearing an elephant hair ring it is to be worn on the ring finger. It is not just the ring which will open the doors of fortune for you but you need to work for it also.
  • The myth associated with the direction for wearing the bracelet has many opinions. The most popular opinion says if it is worn on the left hand it will bring us luck in our quest and whatever we do in life. If we wore it on the right side it will bring us success and helps us in maintaining relations.
Elephant Hair Bracelet

Is it fake and superstitious: One popular narrative to associate with elephant ring benefits

Some of us do not believe in such kinds of superstition and rituals which are made out of someone’s beliefs. Scientifically if you will see it is just animal hair that we want to protect and nurture us. One part of the generation thinks that it is all marketing propaganda and many companies target poor people and make them believe in something. This is all done so that a product (in this case a ring or bracelet) can be marketed out in such an area and because it is associated with tradition and customs people easily fall prey to this propaganda. 

Elephant hair is costly and we are hurting the animal for our good as their hair does not grow like ours and they may have problems because of this. In my personal opinion, it is a matter of belief and faith, we should not associate it with a compulsion and spread rumours around it. If somebody believes in doing and taking everything the way it is they may not require such elements but again if you believe in wearing it for benefiting your faith do not expect it to turn out your fortunes.


I want to conclude this blog by saying that if you find an elephant’s hair ring beneficial in your life keep it like an object that holds your faith and belief. We should not be overshadowed by rituals and superstitions and do something purely because of a ritual or old sayings. In the end, I want to say that it can benefit you or it might not, believe in doing the things do not simply sit and think someone else will do it on your behalf.


Q1. Which rashi can wear an elephant hair ring?

It is believed that an elephant ring benefits you with good luck, strong belief, good health and something which will protect you from dark negative things. It is not mentioned anywhere that it can wear by a particular rashi people, I believe anyone who believes in it can wear the ring.

Q2. Which finger to wear an elephant hair ring for a male?

According to a popular saying males should wear it with their left-hand ring finger. The ring will give them power by removing obstacles and giving them prosperity.

Q3. Which finger to wear an elephant hair ring for a female?

The elephant hair ring benefits everybody if we wear it on the ring finger.

Q4. Which day to wear an elephant hair ring?

As there is no clear explanation for this. But as Wednesday is dedicated to the day of Lord Ganesha and since the elephant is also closely associated with him, we can wear it on that day.

Q5. Can ladies wear elephant hair rings?

I believe it is a matter of belief and faith, anyone can wear an elephant hair ring.

Q6. Is elephant hair costly?

Yes, elephant hair is costly compared to other ritual symbols that we wear. The ring or bracelet carrying it will cost you, as most of the time it is made of some expensive material.

Q7. How can you tell if elephant hair is real?

These days some companies to grab quick profits tend to use synthetic hair instead of real ones. Synthetic hair is not very thick, heavy consistent texture and colour. An expert can easily identify between the two, so I suggest you ask an expert before purchasing such an item and prefer a valid medium.

Q8. How strong is elephant hair?

Elephant hair is approximately four to five times thicker than human hair. When we talk about its strength, it is not very strong. Less thick hair can be strong comparatively.

Q9.  Does an elephant hair ring benefit astrology?

In my personal opinion ring can benefit your self-belief and can improve your to-do attitude. Wear it as a symbol of strength, have faith in yourself do not just depend on your stars. They will help you if you are willing to help yourself.

Q10. Which part of the elephant hair ring be worn?

If hair is fallen from the elephant’s tail and is collected it can be used to make an elephant hair ring. The hair should not be plucked.

Q11. Why is elephant hair important?

According to Hindu and African mythologies, an elephant is a very important animal that can be a connection between heaven and earth. If you wear the elephant hair ring you will be strong, healthy and wealthy.

Q12. Does elephant hair bring luck?

Yes, it was believed that elephant hair will bring good luck. Mythologically an elephant is worshipped and treated as an important animal; the ring can bring you good luck.

Q13. Do elephants have hair?

Yes, elephants do have hair, but it is not noticeable as they can be scanty and short. The hair on elephants can be seen on their head, around their ears and tails. Generally, the elephant’s hair is very fine and is prominent in certain elephant species. As the elephants grow old, they may appear hairless.

Q14. Is elephant hair illegal?

In 2016, the Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species of Wild Fauna and Flora (CITES), passed a law that prohibited the trade of elephant hair. Although, you are allowed to purchase an elephant hair ring from a licensed trader.

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