Wishing Happy Birthday To Dad From A Daughter, Foundation Of A Special Bond


We live in a majestic world where God has given us many opportunities to form a loving and healthy relationships with our loved ones. One of those relationships is shared by father and daughter, for any father and daughter are a bundle of joy, in this article, we will be discussing the bond that is shared by the two and we will try to explain the motive and true emotion behind a daughter wishing happy birthday to her dad.

The bond between a father and daughter and the meaning of her birthday wishes

One of the most secure, pure and loving relationships is shared between a father and daughter. It has been seen that the daughters are closer to their dad than to their mother. With their dad they feel more secure and look forward to them all the time, in return, a father is more than happy when his kid loves him back, remembers small things like his office routine and maybe being funny and playful with him. Remembering his schedule, and important dates, maybe wishing him a happy birthday Dad is one of those blissful things in life.

Psychologically it has been said many times that a girl’s first true love is her father. She wants to see the traits that her father possesses in the love of her life. Not only because of this reason, God has designed us in such a beautiful way that we always attract to the opposite sex and it has been seen that the boys are much closer to their mothers and daughters to their fathers. Perhaps man is generally tough and emotionless but kind of melt out for their daughters.

Happy Birthday to dad from a daughter is always special

Daughters are sweethearts in a man’s life, they must have loved them more than their wife and love of their life. We must understand the psychological factor behind this special bond, a female daughter is always filled with emotions and love while the male in this case the father is more reluctant to love in general and possess very less emotions. But when it comes to their daughter, they were ready to go through a transition to form a very special love bond with her.

Males are generally less enthusiastic about an event like their birthdays, but when it comes to seeing the planning made by their kids especially daughters for their birthdays, they are always ready. Listening to the happy birthday dad from their daughter always made them make feel special and helped them to touch the emotional side of love which they are generally unaware of.

There is one more psychological factor behind this special bond. Fathers generally feel much obliged towards their offspring, they generally do not want to miss the chance of being a facilitator and a giver to their kids. It can be in the form to provide a roof to live, food to eat and a sense of security in a family. Fathers are generally made up of such necessities which they need to provide and when they get pure love and affection in return, they feel awestruck by the situation.

Happy birthday Dad from the daughter of under seven years

Being a father is perhaps the most joyful and loving thing in a man’s life, the moment that he cherishes for his lifetime. Living those moments when his kids make him feel special most of the time, like on his birthday and all the special days like their parent’s anniversary. As we have already enlightened you about the father and daughter’s loving bond, a daughter always surprises her dad when it comes to his birthday celebration.

When she is old enough to remember all these things let’s say 5 or 6 years old, they always find a funny way to say, Happy Birthday Dad. She might help Mom by baking a cake for her dad and singing and dancing her way at the party. A father always looks forward to these moments and believe me all these small gestures make him feel good at the end.

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Happy birthday Dad from the daughter of under seven years

Happy birthday Dad from the daughter of age up to nineteen

As they see teenage is always full of fun for both boys and girls, these are also the defining years in a girl’s life. She might also fall in love at this critical age for the first time, it is not a surprising fact girls tend to choose their boyfriends who possess the traits like her father.

These are just the things going on in her personal life, but always look up to her dad when it comes to challenging time. She never forgets other meaningful things in her life like wishing happy birthday dad. She can make it special by organising a party and inviting his father’s friend. Artistic girls also choose to write a poem or say a few nice words about their dad.

Happy birthday Dad from the daughter of age up to nineteen

Happy birthday Dad from a daughter who is a responsible woman or maybe herself a mom

Nothing can be a happier feeling than to witness their daughter’s success in real life, it can start from her college graduation. It is the day when any father will be the proudest person on the earth. The second can be to see his daughter get a job and get married to her love of life. A part of the father’s life feels complete to see his daughter getting married.

This bond gets more special as she had a child and you became a grandfather. When you are submersed in the sea of joy brought to you by your daughter. One fine day your grandchildren visit you and you see your daughter with a cake in her hand, you will remember Ahh! it is your birthday. Then you will completely realize your importance in her life. You will know later that very evening that you were and always be her hero.


Q. How can I wish my dad a happy birthday?

Daughters usually do not get stressed when it comes to expressing their feeling to their dad on his birthday. Depending on your age as you are a teenager you can help your mom by baking a cake, or invite your dad’s friend to a party. If you are a grown-up, you can try a lot of things, perhaps being more artistic and singing a poem made for your dad.

Q. What special can I do on my father’s birthday?

To make him feel special try to avoid doing usuals like parties, gatherings and all. Try to write something and recite it at the dinner table, or maybe prepare a birthday speech and explain why is he your hero.

Q. What if I forget to wish my dad on his birthday?

Relax, man’s generally tends to forget important things especially when it comes to date. Do not become sad and do stupid things just simply surprise him as you can, simple gestures go a long way.

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