Unlocking the Nutritional Power of Goat Spleen (Suvarotti): Benefits, Risks, and Recipes


Exploring the Healthy Benefits of Suvarotti (Goat Spleen)
Exploring the Healthy Benefits of Suvarotti (Goat Spleen)

It has always been a debatable topic whether eating non-vegetarian food generates more body complexity than providing enormous amounts of nutrition. In this blog, we will be discussing some health benefits of Suvarotti also known as Goat Spleen. Goat Spleen is very sticky in its raw form and that is how it got its name Suvarotti in Tamil which means “stick to the wall”. The dish has been enjoyed by many and is being advised to patient who have iron deficiency. People prefer it as a nutritious powerhouse that can be taken once in a while. We will talk about its nutritional values along with potential side effects.

Background & Scientific Facts About Eating Suvarotti or Goat Spleen

Background & Scientific Facts About Eating Suvarotti or Goat Spleen
Background & Scientific Facts About Eating Suvarotti or Goat Spleen

The spleen is an organ that primarily works to replace the damaged Red Blood Cells, it also helps in fighting infection by providing some White Blood Cells. Most importantly in case of sudden blood loss, it will provide the amount of blood stored in the circulatory system. The benefits of Suvarotti (Goat Spleen) can be realized as a medicine after looking at all of its complex functionalities and benefits. If a person is battling with HIV, Cancer, and Infections they may take the spleen extract to provide aid to their immune system. The spleen can also be removed in case it is not functioning through replacement surgery.

This is all too technical; I just want to give you a gist of how important Spleen is. Our blog will be more focused on the possible health benefits while we eat Suvarotti (Goat Spleen). It is clear that our body structure and build quality are different for every individual. Most of the time benefits of Suvarotti (Goat Spleen) may have the same effect on every individual, but it can vary. It also depends on our hereditary, health status, and dietary needs.

How to Make Fry Suvarotti

How to Make Fry Suvarotti
How to Make Fry Suvarotti

Finding Suvarotti (Goat Spleen) can be challenging sometimes, as it is limited and high in demand. However, if you are able to find it, you may try to build the taste of eating Suvarotti slowly as it has a very strong flavour. People have it mainly for the health benefits not just for the taste. If we talk about its nutritional value, it is a very rich source of iron and it is often recommended to a person who is suffering from anaemia. Just a small amount of around 50 grams of organ meat can give you a full day’s recovery for iron. We will tell you a recipe so that you can extract the maximum benefits of Suvarotti (Goat Spleen).

Mastering the Art of Suvarotti (Goat Spleen) cuisine 

  • Ingredients required are 250-300 grams of fresh Suvarotti or Goat Spleen meat, 1 teaspoon of salt, and turmeric powder. Cook inside a pressure cooker for 1 to 2 minutes. Before cooking ensure that the meat is clean.
  • Now after 1 whistle from the pressure cooker, take it out and let it cool down a bit. Cut the pieces of the whole meat portion.
  • Ingredients required to make some curries are Olive oil, mustard seeds, cloves, red chilies, curry leaves, and 1 tablespoon of coriander powder.
  • Take oil in a pan, and heat it on a low flame for around 5 minutes. Add all these ingredients and fry for 5 to 7 minutes till mustard seeds start to crack.
  • Add some ginger, garlic paste, salt according to your taste, turmeric powder, black pepper powder, cumin powder and garam masala.
  • Now add fresh chopped onions and tomatoes (puree form) add a cup of water. and let it fry for another 5 to 7 minutes.
  • Add pieces of chopped Suvarotti or Goat Spleen to the paste, mix it well, and cook it for another 25 minutes on a low flame.
  • Cover the whole thing for the first 15 minutes and the last 10 minutes without any cover or lid.
  • After 25 minutes or so it will turn to a dark colour, stop the flame.
  • Garnish it with fresh coriander leaves and some black pepper powder and enjoy it slowly.

Nutrients That Bring the Health Benefits of Suvarotti (Goat Spleen)

Nutrients That Bring the Health Benefits of Suvarotti (Goat Spleen)
Nutrients That Bring the Health Benefits of Suvarotti (Goat Spleen)

Suvarotti or Goat Spleen is filled with essential nutrients that are very critical for our growth and development. Because of its nutrient value a lot of people prefer to keep it in their diet, We have already established the importance of Survarotti for patients who are fighting Anaemia. This is a common disease that can impact growing children and girls. Eating Suvarotti once in a while not only fulfil the deficiency of Iron but also helps us by providing other nutrients which are:

Suvarotti or Goat Spleen is rich in Vitamins

We can find an abundance of Vitamins like A, B6, B9, B12 and, C in Suvarotti. All these Vitamins are critical for human growth.

Rich in Vitamin A

It is fat soluble Vitamin that is very good for our vision, healthy hair, and skin. It can also help the organs like heart and lungs to work properly.

Rich in Vitamin B6

This is also known as pyridoxine and it is a water-soluble Vitamin. It is very essential to keep our brain, nervous, and immune systems healthy.

Rich in Vitamin B9

Also known as Folate, it is a critical nutrient in the early stage of pregnancy to reduce the risk of birth defects of the brain and spine. Perhaps this can be the reason having Suvarotti during pregnancy is beneficial.

Rich in Vitamin B12

This is one of the most critical Vitamins which is water-soluble, it helps to prevent megaloblastic anaemia which can make us tired, weak, and susceptible to other diseases. The genetic material in our body cells is made of Vitamin B12 and it has a duty to keep blood and nerve cells healthy.

Rich in Vitamin C

It is again a water-soluble vitamin, which is not stored in our body. The function of Vitamin C is very complex, it reduces the risk of any chronic disease, improves our heart health by regulating blood pressure, boosts immunity, can reduce blood uric acid, and improves iron deficiencies.

Suvarotti or Goat Spleen is rich in Iron

As explained earlier it is a rich source of Iron and is preferred in anaemic conditions. It is rich in heme iron which is readily absorbed by our body, not like plant-based non-heme iron. Iron helps us to produce haemoglobin and experts say we can have hair fall if we have an iron deficit diet.

Suvarotti or Goat Spleen is rich in Protein

Eating Suvarotti can also help to balance Protein levels in our body, like other nutrients it is very critical for our body’s development. It helps us to gain muscle mass which can increase our strength, maintain our body weight, stop the craving for overeating, is good for our bones, and helps to regulate blood pressure.

Suvarotti or Goat Spleen is rich in Zinc and Phosphorus

Zinc is a very essential mineral to keep our immune system healthy, it can reduce inflammation in the body and anti-aging. Phosphorus helps to keep bones and teeth healthy and helps the growth of cells and tissues. It determines how the body should use carbohydrates and fats.

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Health Benefits of Suvarotti (Goat Spleen) during Pregnancy

Health Benefits of Suvarotti (Goat Spleen) during Pregnancy
Health Benefits of Suvarotti (Goat Spleen) during Pregnancy

Rich Source of Iron

Suvarotti (Goat Spleen) has an abundance of heme-iron. During pregnancy, women tend to get affected by decreasing iron content in the body which can lead to a condition known as anaemia. The main reason behind this phenomenon is that our body makes more blood to supply oxygen and other important nutrients to the baby. If we do not have enough iron in our bodies, we can develop anaemia. Iron is a very important mineral to maintain the overall health of a pregnant lady and to keep her baby in good shape.

Includes some Necessary Proteins

Suvarotti is rich in protein which is a critical nutrient for a pregnant lady. Protein ensures the proper growth of a baby by building tissues, cells and organs. It helps develop breast tissues, and improve uterus health.

Rich in Vitamin B9 and B12

Vitamin B9 which is also known as folic acid produces Red Blood Cells which are required for the synthesis of DNA. It can also prevent major birth defects in a baby’s brain and spine. Vitamin B12 is a critical nutrient to build a healthy nervous system.

Precaution during Pregnancy

Precaution during Pregnancy
Precaution during Pregnancy

High Cholesterol Levels

Suvarotti or Goat Spleen has a high content of Cholesterol. A pregnant lady is susceptible to diseases and infections, which can further damage their body and cause cardiovascular diseases after giving birth to the child. We should always consult with healthcare experts before eating Suvarotti or Goat Spleen during pregnancy.

Meat Should be Handled Properly

Meat should be handled and cooked properly. It has some pathogens which unnecessarily can cause infection in susceptible pregnant ladies. Pregnant ladies should avoid consuming uncooked raw meat.

It can elevate other health problems

Pregnancy can be very challenging; women’s boy takes a toll while going through the process of being pregnant till delivery. During this period the body is prone to infection and diseases. In case the woman’s body has some preexisting health conditions like cardiovascular diseases, kidney diseases, and diabetes. Eating Suvarotti (Goat Spleen) can escalate the preexisting health condition due to the availability of many contents in it. We should always consult your doctor before consuming Suvarotti or Goat Spleen.

Other possible Side Effects 

possible side effects of suvarotti (Goat Spleen)
possible side effects of suvarotti (Goat Spleen)

It can Increase Cholesterol

Depending on the health condition we should consume our food. Organ meats have a high cholesterol content, people who already have cardiological issues and obesity should not try it. Although cholesterol is necessary for our body it increases fluidity of cell membranes. Including this diet in moderation can be beneficial to us.

It has Purine Content

Organ meats like Suvarotti are rich in purine content. It is a natural compound that can crystallize and harden uric acid in the kidney. This can result in Kidney stone which can be very painful and requires surgery sometimes.

It can cause Allergies

It is found that while consuming organ meat some people can be allergic to certain components mainly protein. If you feel any sort of discomfort after eating Suvarotti, we recommend you should seek medical attention.

Can cause Foodborne Illness

Sometimes the meat is not handled, stored, and cooked properly which can cause some infections due to the presence of pathogens in it. To avoid foodborne illness, we should always use fresh, well-stored, and cooked meat.

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Consumption of Suvarotti (Goat Spleen) can be beneficial for our health if we are taking it in moderation and as per the guidance of a healthcare expert. It is like eating organ meat which is loaded with essential nutrients like Vitamin B12, Protein, and various minerals like calcium, zinc, and selenium. We need to keep one thing in mind besides its different vibrant taste and nutrient quantities if we consume too much of it, we might have to face problems like increased bad cholesterol, and risk of gout due to high purine content. It can cause allergies as some people are sensitive towards organ meat, If the meat is not handled properly (washed or cooked) it can increase contamination due to bacteria or parasites.


Q1. What are the benefits of eating spleen?

The spleen is like other organ meat that is loaded with essential nutrients like Vitamin B12, iron, selenium, and zinc. These nutrients are essential for the overall functions of the body. We can keep the spleen in our diet in moderation because we cannot overlook the fact that it may cause obesity and cardiac problems due to high bad cholesterol and fats, and purine content that can cause kidney problems due to crystalized and hardened uric acid.

Q2. What are the medical benefits of Goat spleen or Suvarotti?

Goat spleen which is also known as Suvarotti is known for its nutritional benefits that aid in some health problems. Some major medical benefits are like, it is a good source of heme-iron that is readily absorbed in our body and help produce haemoglobin which can reduce anaemia. It is a rich source of Vitamin B12, an essential nutrient for DNA synthesis and proper nerve functions. It contains Zinc which is essential for immune system response and wound healing. It also contains collagen that is required to keep skin healthy.

Q3. Is goat liver better than goat spleen?

It depends on the requirement of nutrients and preferences. Both goat liver and spleen are loaded with distinct nutrients. Goat liver is an excellent source of Vitamin A, B6, B9, and B3, high in protein, copper, and iron content. While Suvarotti or goat spleen is rich in iron, selenium, collagen, and Vitamin B12. If you can overlook the nutritional values some may choose the milder taste of spleen or Suvarotti over the strong taste of goat liver.

Q4. Can we eat mutton spleen?

Yes, most definitely we can eat mutton spleen, in some cultures, it is consumed as a delicacy. The spleen is an organ meat mainly consumed to gain various health benefits as it is loaded with nutrients. The things that can make mutton spleen difficult to consume are its strong flavour and the fact that it may contain some harmful compounds that can increase bad cholesterol and cause obesity. We should consume organic meat in moderation and consult a dietician or healthcare professional before making it a habit.

Q5. Does goat spleen increase haemoglobin?

Like any other organ meat goat’s spleen is rich with nutrients which can increase haemoglobin levels in our body. It is a good source of iron and Vitamin B12 which are responsible nutrients to maintain a healthy haemoglobin level.  If we disintegrate haemoglobin, it is a protein in RBC or Red Blood Cells that carry oxygenated blood to different parts of the body. A Deficiency of haemoglobin can lead to anaemia.

Q6.  What is the best organ meat to eat?

When we talk about the best organ meat, it may depend on various factors that are personal preferences and nutritional needs. Organ meats are loaded with nutrients and we need to have different taste buds to enjoy them because of their strong flavours. Some of the most enjoyed organ meats are the liver, spleen, heart, kidney, brain, and tongue.

Q7. Can I eat liver every day?

No, it is not recommended to eat any organ meat that includes liver on an everyday basis. It is loaded with many nutrients which are essential for our well-being. Nutrients like Vitamin A, B12, Iron, and Folate. Eating the liver every day can cause Vitamin A toxicity which will result in a condition called hypervitaminosis A and we can experience its side effects like nausea, vomiting, and dizziness. In some conditions, it can damage our liver. It can further overload Iron content in our bodies which may result in organ damage in our bodies. Some harmful components like bad cholesterol levels can rise due to overeating of the liver which can deteriorate cardiac health.

Q8. Is the liver good for blood pressure?

Yes, eating liver in moderation can have a positive impact on maintaining a healthy blood pressure. The liver is a rich source of Potassium, which is a critical mineral for regulating blood pressure. It contains Vitamin B6 and B9 which are essential to maintain healthy blood vessels that can regulate the blood pressure in our bodies. It also contains heme-iron whose deficiency in the body can give rise to cardiovascular problems.

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