How to Get a Real Fever in 10 Minutes: Answering Common Myths and Misconceptions


We try to get health benefits from many things, and inducing fever can be one of them. Let me tell you straight away that inducing fever in a human body can even be life-threatening. If not, we certainly have to face its significant consequences. Fever is our body’s defense mechanism, triggered by the immune system in response to various infections. We are writing this blog to understand the mindset, which is why people want to induce fever. However, certain studies show that fever can be caused to sharpen the immune response only in a controlled environment. Tighten your seat belts because we are about to start a study that will delve into understanding: “How to Get a Real Fever in 10 Minutes.”

Additionally, we will also discuss

  • How to induce fever
  • Benefits of induced fever
  • Risk Associated with induced fever
  • Complications in pregnancy
  • Precautions to be kept while Inducing fever

What is Fever & its Symptoms

What is Fever & its Symptoms
What is Fever & its Symptoms

In medical terms, fever is the body’s defense mechanism triggered by our immune system to fight infections. The more generalized definition can be a temporary increase in the body temperature from its normal range (usually 97-99°F or 36-37°C).  

Elevated temperature is considered to be concerning most of the time, and it can be discomforting. It is a sign that the immune response is active, which can be why inducing fever has gained so much limelight. Below are some symptoms that assure us our immune system is at work or we are going through a fever.

1. Elevated Body Temperature

  • One of the most common symptoms that can confirm fever. 
  • When measured orally, a fever is typically when internal body temperature is above 100.4°F (38°C).
  • Sometimes, elevated body temperature can also signal stressed-out internal organs. A way of the body demanding rest.

2. Headache and Muscle Aches

  • Headaches are not necessarily followed after fever. It may be because the body is in a lot of discomfort and getting stressed by the infections.
  • Achy or sore muscles and joints can accompany fever. This is the body’s way of demanding complete rest.

3. Chills and Sweating

  • This is a way of your body trying to regulate the body’s temperature.
  • These symptoms signify the defense tactics of the body. The alternating sensations of feeling cold followed by sweating can be an early sign of the body trying to calibrate the optimum temperature.

4. Dehydration and Loss of Appetite

  • Fever can contribute to dehydration. The body was losing fluid while trying to re-calibrate the optimum temperature in sweat.
  • Taking adequate water in the condition of fever is recommended.
  • The loss of appetite can be a follow-up symptom as it can be experienced after or during a fever for some time.

How to Get a Real Fever in 10 Minutes

How to Get a Real Fever in 10 Minutes
How to Get a Real Fever in 10 Minutes

Fever is a behavioral defense mechanism of the body to reset normal physiology. Fever helps to elevate the body’s response against pathogens, fastens body metabolism, and promotes healing. Fever, or called thermogenesis, should be practiced in a well-controlled environment under the supervision of professionals. 

In-home thermogenesis can be achieved by following some basic techniques.

1. Exercise

Physical activities like jumping, intense running, and cardio exercises can increase body heat and body temperature to some extent. That can help to reset the normal body physiology. Extra layering, even plastic bags, can heat your body fast. But do take care of dehydration, which will deplete your body’s electrolytes and fluids.

2. Eatables

Foods that can make you hot: here is a list of food items to help you achieve a raised basal body temperature. Like

  • Hot tea or coffee
  • Ginger tea shot
  • Cayenne pepper or any hot chili
  • Healthy fats like peanuts, coconut oil
  • Meat and protein-rich diet

3. Overheating Bath

  • This is old age therapy to increase body temperature and thus stimulate the body’s defense mechanism.
  • You need hot water and a bathtub. It’s advisable to keep the water temperature between 97 to 98 degrees F and to maintain this high temperature during the entire procedure.
  • Try submerging yourself for at least 30 to 40 minutes for good results. Keep assistance around you as you feel lightheaded after the procedure. 

4. A Medical Sauna or Hyperthermal Unit

  • Medical centers use these hyperthermal sauna units to induce fever in a controlled environment.
  • You will be asked to drink ginger tea or any other herbal concoction for internal heating. Your body will be covered with an herbal paste, and you will be given sessions for like two to three hours, depending on how well you respond.
  • Any adverse reaction will terminate the session for your safety only. This will induce a rise in body temperature.

5. Certain Prescribed Medicines

Drugs under prescription can help elevate body temperature, which can be beneficial. This will activate the body’s natural immunological response; hence, the body’s defense system will be activated.


  • Please seek professional help: looking for a foolproof method is always advisable before indulging yourself in these debatable methods.
  • Drug-induced fever can help increase body temperature but can cause serious allergic reactions on short notice, or long-term use can cause adverse reactions.
  • Your doctors can provide you insight into certain drugs that work by increasing your body’s metabolism.
  • Specific immunizations like the BCG vaccine, diphtheria, and tetanus can induce fever. We only promote the usage of these drugs with professional help.
  • Instead of looking for swift and prompt responses to achieve high temperatures, we advise you to opt for healthier alternatives like exercises, dietary habits, active lifestyle, meditation forms like g-tummo, and yoga.

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Benefits of Induced Fever

Benefits of Induced Fever
Benefits of Induced Fever

Inducing a fever intentionally is generally not recommended. If not done under the supervision of a healthcare expert, you may have to face inevitable consequences.

There are instances where a fever can be induced in a controlled environment, mainly done for therapeutic purposes. We call it fever therapy or hyperthermia therapy. Below are some benefits of induced fever:

1. Cancer Treatment

According to various studies, hyperthermia therapy can be used as a complementary treatment for cancer.

A. Enhanced Sensitivity to Radiation and Chemotherapy

Inducing fever in a controlled medical environment can make cancer cells more susceptible to radiation therapy or chemotherapy damage.

B. Damaging Cancer Cells

It is often seen that cancer cells are more sensitive to heat than normal cells. Hyperthermia therapy can damage them and eventually cause their death.

C. Slowing Tumor Growth

Hyperthermia therapy can disrupt the conditions that support tumor growth by cellular metabolism. This action slows down tumor growth.

D. Synergistic Effects

  • Fever therapy works synergistically with cancer treatment therapies like immunotherapy or targeted therapy.
  • The therapies can go hand in hand as their results are amplified, and resistance development inside bodies can be narrowed down.

2. Enhanced Immune Response

Induced fever can stimulate the body’s immune response by increasing the production of WBCs or White Blood Cells. 

  1. Activating Immune Cells

You will be shocked to know that fever can trigger the activation of immune cells. Cells like T cells and B cells play a huge role in destroying cancer cells and several pathogens.

  • B. Enhance Antigen Presentation
  • Fever can enhance antigen presentation, where immune cells separate abnormal cells or pathogens.
  • This process will eventually help immune cells invade and kill abnormal or cancer cells and pathogens.

3. Detoxification

Induced fever and physiological processes in the body go hand in hand. Detoxification at regular intervals is necessary to flush out the toxins from the body. Although our body is capable enough to trigger natural detoxification, induced fever can certainly help it.

A. Enhancing Blood Circulation

  • Fever can correspond to widening the blood vessels, which will help enhance blood circulation throughout the body.
  • The idea of the body getting detox is fulfilled with blood efficiently carrying oxygen and nutrients to different body parts. During this process, it will also facilitate the removal of waste products and toxins.

B. Lymphatic System

  • Fever can stimulate the lymphatic system, which removes pathogens, toxins, and other waste from the body.
  • It also works in coordination with the bloodstream to transport the waste to organs like the liver and kidney. These organs participate in natural detoxification by processing and eliminating waste.

C. Sweating

  • Fever is known to raise the body’s core temperature, which can increase sweating.
  • Sweating is the most common way the body removes toxins and heavy metals through the skin.

4. Pain Relief

  • Fever can modulate the inflammatory response by decreasing the response of inflammatory mediators.
  • Certain inflammatory conditions like arthritis and muscle strains can benefit from this.
  • As discussed earlier, fever can widen the blood vessels, increasing blood flow. This will help tissue repair as the oxygen and vital nutrients can flow regularly with blood.

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Risk Associated with Induced Fever

Risk Associated with Induced Fever
Risk Associated with Induced Fever

If we are trying to induce fever without any medical assistance it can be dangerous and can cause various complications like,

1. Dehydration & Electrolyte Imbalance

  • Dehydration is the most prominent side effect that can be experienced during a fever. We should not take it lightly as it can bring a series of adverse effects on our bodies.
  • When the core temperature of the body rises, we tend to sweat more. During sweating we can lose sufficient body fluids which can be accompanied by electrolytes and important salt and minerals of the body.

2. Infection Risk & Organ Damage

  • Trying to induce fever in the body can involve the creation of open wounds and the introduction of foreign objects which can increase the infection risk.
  • Prolonged exposure to high body temperature can cause serious damage to organs like the heart, brain, and kidneys.

3. Neurological Effect

  • While inducing fever certain neurological symptoms like confusion, hallucination, and seizure can be experienced.
  • These effects are more prominent in children and elderly people.

Can Induced Fever Cause Complications in Pregnancy

Can Induced Fever Cause Complications in Pregnancy
Can Induced Fever Cause Complications in Pregnancy

Yes, induced fever in a complicated condition like pregnancy can cause various harmful effects. It must be executed with utter precautions and in a controlled and safe environment. Prolonged or high fever can be damaging for both mother and fetus. Some of the complications are discussed below: 

1. Preterm Birth & Birth Defects

  • Fever is generally not considered good during pregnancy, and it becomes more complex as urinary tract infections or respiratory infections accompany it.
  • This condition can manifold the risk of preterm labor, which is followed by preterm birth. 
  • In medical language, preterm birth is never considered a good thing as it can cause various complications to the newborn child. They may suffer from developmental issues and respiratory problems throughout their life.

2. Health Risk to Mother

  • As discussed earlier, fever is never considered good during pregnancy as it can create many complications.
  • The lives of both the unborn baby and the mother are in danger.
  • The mother can go through intense heart rate, discomfort, and aggravated underlying health conditions.

3. Miscarriage & Fetal Distress

  • Increased body temperature can cause fetal distress as it can be hard to regulate its temperature.
  • When the body is exposed to high temperatures over time, fetal complications like brain damage and delayed development can be possible.
  • With prolonged high body temperature, the chances of miscarriage also increase.

4. Dehydration

  • There is a risk of the body getting dehydrated during a fever. This stage is quite concerning for both mother and unborn child.
  • The body tends to require more fluids during pregnancy. The body is going through a lot of changes physically and emotionally.
  • This can disrupt the process of pregnancy, which can result in lots of complications.

Precautions to Be Kept While Inducing Fever

Precautions to Be Kept While Inducing Fever
Precautions to Be Kept While Inducing Fever

Inducing the fever is not at all recommended and can be very dangerous if done without any medical supervision. Certain things need to be cared for if it is done for therapeutic purposes. These are,

1. Assessment Under Medical Supervision

To ensure the safety of an individual, if inducing fever has to be done for some therapeutic purposes, then it should be done in a medically controlled environment.

2. Hydration & Electrolyte Balance

  • There are greater chances of losing body fluids during induced fever. This is possible in normal fever also.
  • Make sure you are drinking enough fluids to ensure dehydration deformities do not prevail.

3. Temperature Monitoring

  • We emphasized doing such a thing in a medically controlled environment. It is a possibility that body temperature may rise above dangerous levels.
  • In those conditions, urgent medical help is needed.

4. Alternative Options

  • We should refrain from treating our body as an experimental tool. If safer options are available, please try them.


Fever is the body’s defensive approach against pathogens. This rise in core temperature helps to boost body metabolism and speed up various reactions. To avail of the benefits of this physiological miracle, you must have a thorough knowledge of its science. Do you want food for your thoughts about how to get a real fever in 10 minutes??

There is only sometimes a shortcut that will work for you that well. Good things take time. The body has evolved in many eons, and resetting its physiology in minutes is tough. Under controlled supervision and professional help, you can achieve the fever-induced benefits. Our blogs always promote ever-enduring methods to be mentally and physically healthy and best to your capabilities.

Opting for healthier alternatives like running, sports, breathing exercises, and meditation to raise your metabolism and let your body reach its best physiological state.


The intention of writing this blog is to educate and make you aware. We never intend to provoke you to do such a thing without proper medical guidance. We urge you to go for it if you have an alternate, safer option other than inducing fever.

Mansi Balodi
Mansi Balodi
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