Busting The Myths: Is Breezer Good for Health?


Fermentation and brewing methods are well-known art of alcohol production. Alcoholic beverages were part of human civilization and can be traced back to around 7000 BCE. The critical ingredient of all alcoholic beverages is ethanol. Depending upon the method of preparation, drinks can be distilled or fermented. One such category of an alcoholic drink is called a Breezer. Before writing down about it, my biggest question is whether a Breezer is good for health. Let’s find it. 

Alcohol Content of Bacardi

Alcohol Content of Bacardi
Alcohol Content of Bacardi

Breezers are fruit-flavored alcoholic drinks in which alcoholic content ranges from 4 to 5%. Breezer was first manufactured by Bacardi and marketed in 1862. Apart from having low alcohol content and good taste, the drink has been enjoyed by many. Is Breezer good for health? It might be a secondary question that popped into the mind of the person consuming it. The drink has more fun intentions than health benefits. It has been found that over time, ladies started to use Breezer benefits for the skin and hair. Is it so? We will find it out as we move ahead in this blog.

 Did you know? The annual sale of Bacardi Breezer is 20 million cases.

How is Breezer Made?

How is Breezer Made?
How is Breezer Made?
  • This alcoholic drink is made differently. It is a malt-based beverage brewed with malt and different brewing items. They then eliminate the odor, taste, and bitterness from the drink by using many methods. 
  • Then comes the choice of flavor that adds the taste to the drink and makes it flavoury. Flavors can be mango, cranberry, pineapple, mint, orange, lime, and chocolate. With all this, they make the drink more susceptible for ladies and young people. 
  • There is a strong belief that Breezers benefit skin among ladies. That said, the sales go upward, and it’s a win-win situation for the brand.

Stepwise preparation of Breezzer

1. Flavoring 

  • Breezer preparation starts with choosing the base alcohol, which may be vodka, rum, or tequila.
  • The most fun part that will define the USP of the drink starts with adding flavors.
  • Flavoring can be of different fruit juices like strawberry, pineapple, and lime.

2. Sweetener

  • Sugar or other artificial sweetener will be added to balance the flavor and provide sweetness.
  • The level of added sweetener on the final product. The sweetness level can be the point of differentiation between the two products.

3. Carbonation

  • This step gives the Breezer a fizzy and refreshing quality.
    • It is mainly done by injecting carbon dioxide into the mixture.

4. Mixing and Blending

Various ingredients are mixed and blended during the preparation to ensure the uniform distribution of flavors.

5. Packaging

After everything is done, the drink is packed into cans and bottles. Ready for distribution.

Nutritional Content of Breezer

Nutritional Content of Breezer
Nutritional Content of Breezer

The nutritional content of a Breezer will depend a lot on the brand, flavor, and ingredients used during manufacturing. Below are some critical considerations.

1. Use of Carbonated Water

· Breezer is a decent drink of carbonated water. It has Bacardi rum of about 10%, flavoring agents, sugar, coloring agents, stabilizers, and other chemicals. 

· It is hard to find out if that is good for health in the long run. There is no such nutritional value in a Breezer, to be honest. Long-term usage of this drink can make your body prone to illnesses like obesity, cardiovascular diseases, liver diseases, etc.

2. Preservatives and Chemicals

Carbonated water is a significant component of Breezers, which can cause gas and bloating. Refined sugar increases the risk of obesity, diabetes, and other vital issues. Preservatives and other chemicals are toxic to our bodies.

3. Alcohol by Volume

· The bottom line is that these are alcoholic drinks, which means they do have an alcohol content. 

· The Alcohol by Volume for the drink generally varies between 4-8% ABV.

4. Carbohydrates

· Yes, you heard it right. Brezeer may contain carbohydrates from added sweeteners, fruit juices, or other ingredients.

· A single serving might contain 20 to 40 grams of carbohydrates.

5. Sugar

· Breezers are known for their sweet taste. This is done to normalize the taste of alcohol content in it.

· The sugar content can vary with different flavors and brands.

· One serving of Breezer might contain 20 grams or more sugar.

6. Calories

· Breezer can be high in calories from alcohol and added sugar.

· We need to be very wise while consuming them in large quantities.

· One serving that is typically 330ml or 11oz may contain anywhere about 150 to 250 calories.

Note: Based on the above nutrient content description, the question remains: is a Breezer good for health?

Let’s find out

Breezer and its Relationship with Our Body?

Breezer and its Relationship with Our Body?
Breezer and its Relationship with Our Body?
  • Alcoholic drinks like Breezer, when taken in moderation, can be beneficial. According to several studies, alcohol in moderation can be helpful to the heart and kidneys. It keeps a check on diabetes and even gallstones. But what that moderate amount is always a question of doubt. There is no concrete definition of moderate alcohol consumption. 
  • According to the CDC (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention), moderate drinking implies two or fewer drinks for men and one or fewer for women. 

Verdict: If you have never sipped alcohol, we also never promote drinking. Having alcohol daily is never advisable and has potential harm to our bodies. Likewise, having a Breezer daily will harm our body organs.

Health benefits

What Makes an Alcoholic Drink Healthy?

What Makes an Alcoholic Drink Healthy?
What Makes an Alcoholic Drink Healthy?

Several studies have found that alcoholic drinks like red wine can benefit cardiovascular health. Red wine has compounds like alcohol and polyphenols, which can keep a check on plaque formation. This plaque comprises fats that can block a vessel and cause cardiovascular problems. These compounds can also dilate the vessel walls and effectively prevent hypertension. 

A. Impact on Health with Wine or Beer

  • Beer is also made up of plant products like malt and hop, which are also rich in polyphenols and hence can impart the same health effect but, as documented, have less impact than wine.
  • However, these alcoholic drinks can never be weighed with the content of polyphenols in a wide variety of fruits and vegetables. None of the spirits can or should ever be replaced with naturally existing raw fruits, nuts, and vegetables.

B. Role of Breezer

Talking about the benefits of a Breezer is very hard to find. It is just that due to the low content level of alcohol. You can enjoy it in small quantities and socialize yourself. Alcoholic drinks, for some reason, are considered a socializing agent, which is a kind of worrying statement.

Alcohol and health: Bursting the myth Is Breezer Good for Health?

Bursting the myth Is Breezer Good for Health?
Bursting the myth Is Breezer Good for Health?

Drinking alcohol is and should always be one’s decision. Moderate drinking with a healthy diet can still be acceptable to the body, depending on how well it is tolerated. Alcohol itself, along with flavors and sugars, is a concentrate of calories. There is no nutritional value in your booze, and drinking a Breezer with false fruits makes it a villain, too. 

1. How Much Is Enough?

There is a general tendency to overdrink a low alcohol-content drink like a Breezer. We might take two bottles to get that extra hit of alcohol. Now, we start messing up our health. We almost have the same alcohol levels in our bodies if we drink one beer. The drinking quantity will determine the impact it will have on our bodies.

2. Impact

  • Alcohol makes you crave more fatty food. Is it true? Say yes if you can relate.
  • Adding calories to calories makes things worse. So, opting for a healthy lifestyle and alternative non-alcoholic drinks can be the answer to all your worries.

3. Low-calorie, Low-sugar, Non-alcoholic Options

  • Sparkling water
  • Infused water
  • Herbal teas
  • Coconut water
  • Cold brew coffee
  • Iced tea
  • Flavored sparkling water

Drawbacks: Is Breezer bad for health?

Alcohol and health: Bursting the myth Is Breezer Good for Health?
Alcohol and health: Bursting the myth Is Breezer Good for Health?
  • Weekend vibes with booze and snacks have become a trend to de-stress ourselves nowadays. Alcohol can lift your mood and can make you momentarily happy and high, but this comes with a price.
  • Breezers do have alcohol content in them. We pay too high a price to get the benefits of Breezer/alcohol. Alcohol cannot be suitable for our health, and this fact has been proven over time. The benefits of Breezer are not lab tested and can be a myth or some kind of marketing agenda to popularize the drink among subtle drinkers.
  • Alcohol can temporarily cause loss of judgment, vision impairment, body imbalance, and impact on memory, which can lead to severe injuries. 
  • Inappropriate behavior, rage, and unstable mood can also have a profound impact on your socio-cultural life.
  • Long-term alcohol abuse brings you no good news. Chronic alcoholics are at greater risk of cardiovascular problems, liver failure, hypertension, diabetes, stroke, and cancer.

Common myths

  1. Breezer is a non-alcoholic fruit drink. The answer is straight no. Bacardi Breezer is an alcohol-based flavored drink that contains alcohol ranging from 4% to 5% ABV.
  2. Wine is healthier than beer. There are well-documented studies that have agreed upon the fact that wine taken along with a proper meal is more beneficial than beer or any other alcohol.
  3. Is a Breezer good for health? Seeing its nutritional value, a Breezer can only please your taste senses and uplift your mood. But it does no good to your health and your body.

Alternative health choices

  • When we see a problem, we tend to find an alternative solution. Alcoholic drinks, when taken in moderation along with a healthy diet and lifestyle, can be acceptable. But if you are a teetotaller or a cold sober, feel proud of yourself. There is no benefit in starting this fight again.
  • Alcohol has become a symbol of status, and many teens fall victim to peer pressure. But there is no end to problems if you have a wishy-washy approach to these issues.
  • Breezers are considered drinks for teens as there is a misconception that they are non-alcoholic. 
  • But there is no point in starting a race when you know there is no end.
  • Avoid taking pleasure in drinking alcohol. If sometimes the situation takes you nowhere, you can opt for healthier, non-alcoholic drinks (mentioned in the blog).

Webstory on “Is Breezer Good for Health?


Breezers are drinks that contain a fair amount of alcohol. Drinking Breezer daily and in large quantities will have the same impact as any other alcoholic drink will do. Breezer can be enjoyed for its refreshing flavors and taste occasionally. A healthy diet and good lifestyle should balance out the harm caused by alcohol. Consuming alcoholic drinks should be one decision, and here in this blog, we do not support drinking.

Enjoy and cherish your favorite Breezer with good food and laughter. After all, happiness is all that matters.



Q1. Is breezer good for health?

Breezer is an alcoholic drink that comes with many added flavours, the drink is very popular among ladies and young drinkers because of its taste and alcohol content. The taste of the breezer might be refreshing and good but the bottom line is that it does have alcohol content in it, which can have the same negative as other alcoholic beverages on us.
Alcohol consumption, even in a moderate amount can have some effects on our health which is certainly not good. No, breezer is not good for our health. Due to its alcohol content which is 4-5% ABV (Alcohol by Volume) can be less dangerous as compared to other alcoholic drinks if taken within limits. Alcohol consumption can cause Obesity, Heart Problems, High BP and many more diseases.

 Q2. Does Breezer benefit for skin?

There are no such proven benefits to the skin when we consume a breezer. The alcohol content in the drink will have the same impact on our body as other alcoholic drinks like scotch, beer etc.
It can cause skin dehydration because it increases urine production, the other impact on the skin can be inflammation, and increased skin disorders like psoriasis, eczema and dermatitis.

 Q3. Does breezer make you high?

Well, it depends on your alcohol-handling capacities. The bottom line is they do have alcohol content in them which can intoxicate your body when drink in excess amount. It will hit our central nervous system which can impact our mood, and can cause cognitive disorders and mental blurredness.

 Q4. Can breezer get you drunk

Yes, it is a human tendency when we are consuming alcohol, we are taking it to feel the kick of alcohol. We never stop at 1 bottle and increase our limit. Drinking a lot of alcohol intoxicate you, as it hits our Central Nervous System which makes us feel drunk.

 Q5. Which breezer flavour is best?

You can choose from a lot of flavours. The question of “best” breezer is very subjective and will depend on the individual’s taste. You can choose your flavour from options like orange, pineapple, cranberry, blackberry and watermelon.

Q6. How does breezer taste?

Breezer is a fruity and refreshing drink with a low alcohol content in it. Breezer itself has no taste it depends on the flavour that you choose, you have various options like orange, pineapple, cranberry, blackberry and watermelon. In general, the breezer has a sweet taste with a hint of alcohol tartness.

 Q7. Where can I buy a breezer?

Breezer is a widely distributed and consumed alcoholic beverage. You can find them in liquor stores, supermarkets, bars, pubs, some restaurants and convenience stores.
All these options are subjected to your location and the country in which you live.

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