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The human race is so reluctant to understand some facts that might be very beneficial for them, especially regarding lifestyle changes and our eating habits. In the race of modernisation and marketing of chemicals, pharma goods and health supplements we have started to use them and forgetting some nutrient-rich food which were popular in old times. One such food item which our grandparents must have more knowledge than us and, in this blog, we will be discussing Kambu benefits.

Kambu benefits realised as an alternative food

Kambu which is famously known as Bajra and Millets. You will be surprised to know that India is the largest producer of this grain. Now we know that we can find this grain in any part of India due to its abundance. We will tell you Kambu (Bajra) benefits in detail and I am sure that after knowing them you will move towards making it your staple food. The world started to look at these food items as an alternative after not getting a well-deserved healthy life. Before that, we were dependent on chemical-rich supplements and food which are made and marketed by companies for their own good.

Most used types of Kambu (Millets)

Kambu’s benefits can be realised from the fact that nutritionists and dieticians all across the world are vouching for its use. It is a gluten-free grain whose nutritional value is higher than most of the food gains which are often used by us as our staple food like rice and wheat. Most importantly it can help us in cutting down the body fat, obesity has become one of the most challenging things in today’s world. Though our lifestyle plays a huge part in it our eating habit always dominates the rising cases of obesity. Obesity can lead to various other deformities like heart diseases, diseases related to our mental health etc.

To let you dive in Kambu’s benefit we will first share with you what are different types of Kambu (Bajra) that are found on this planet and their use.

Finger Millet & its Benefits

Finger Millet which is popularly known as Ragi is a gluten-free variant. It is rich in Proteins and various Amino acids which are used for the proper functioning of our body. It is mostly used by fitness enthusiasts as a rice supplement.

Rich in Proteins and Amino AcidsBoth are the basic building blocks of life. They build muscles as well as our immune system
Rich in Calcium and IronHelp children with brain and bone development

Sorghum Millet & its Benefits

Sorghum Millet is again an excellent source of Vitamins, Minerals and higher content of dietary fibres.

Rich source of Anti-OxidantsHelps reduce tumour growth, good for diabetic patient
Rich in Vitamins and MineralsExcellent food source for celiac patients

Pearl Millet & its Benefits

Popularly known as Bajra, it is a super food which is rich in nutrients and acts as a healthy alternative to wheat and rice.

Rich source of fibreHelps in constipation, lowers blood sugar and maintains cholesterol in the body
Rich in essential nutrientsHelps lose extra fat

Foxtail Millet & its Benefits

Foxtail Millet also known as Kangni or Kakum is another widely present form of Millet in India. This food grain has more health benefits and is used by diabetic patients a lot. It can also be used as an alternative to rice.

Rich in Vitamin B12This is a critical nutrient which will keep a healthy heart and nervous system. It is also beneficial for the overall development of the body, especially hair and skin
Increase Glycemic control and reduce insulinExcellent for diabetic patient

The nutrient value of Kambu

Kambu is an excellent source of nutrition and is also gluten-free. This means it can be easily used by fitness enthusiasts and those who have gluten allergies. We will take a look at Kambu’s nutrients value,

NutrientsEnergy Value per 100 g
Total energy after consuming 100 g1470 KJ
Total Calcium content38 mg
Total Iron content16.9 mg
Total Minerals content2.3 g
Total Fibre content6.0 g
Total Fat content3.3 g
Total Proteins content10.6 g
Total Carbohydrates content75 g

Earth is filled with things which are very beneficial for us. While we are reading about Kambu, you may also want to check out Arappu Powder.

Health benefits of Kambu

Due to a rich source of nutrition, Kampu provides different health benefits which are,

Kambu benefits for Healthy Heart and Lowering Cholesterol

Millets or Kambu is an excellent source to provide good cholesterol and lower triglycerides in our body. It also lowers bad cholesterol as it is a good source of fibre and Omega 3 fatty acids. Besides the cholesterol unusual blood pressure can be a key source of heart diseases. Millet is a good source of magnesium and lignin which are antioxidants and helps to maintain a healthy blood pressure.

Kambu benefits for Healthy Heart and Lowering Cholesterol

Kambu benefits in Anaemia

A deficiency of haemoglobin can result in a condition known as Anaemia which is very common in pregnant women and children. Kambu is a good source of minerals like Iron and Zinc which are responsible to maintain haemoglobin levels in the blood.

Kambu benefits in Anaemia

Relief in Constipation

Apart from being loaded with Vitamins and Minerals Kambu is very rich in fibres. A lack of fibre rich diet can result in constipation which is a condition in which the patient will face difficulty to have a natural bowel movement. Kambu helps to provide Constipation after regulating our bowel movement. 

Control Diabetes

Kambu is a good source of stable energy for diabetic patients as the starch present slowly breaks down into sugar and then enters our bloodstream. This will maintain glucose levels in the blood.

Kambu Benefits for Weight Loss

One of the main Kambu benefits is its vital role in trimming some extra fat from our bodies. Kambu is known as a rich source of essential minerals like iron and it can be used to reduce our blood sugar level. When we eat a Kambu-rich diet it makes us fill full throughout the day and we do not overeat generally.

Kambu Benefits for Weight Loss

Procedure to use Kambu in our Diet

To realise the full Kambu benefits we can mix it with Wheat floor. We can make chapattis after making dough on these mixed floors. This food is a healthy alternative to eating a harmful processed food diet.


Q. Will Kambu increase weight?

No, Kambu is known to reduce the extra fat in our bodies. Kambu is rich in essential nutrients and fibre which will make you feel full throughout the day. This will help us to avoid overeating. It also regulates our bowel movement which will make our digestive system healthy. All these factors can help in trimming down some extra fat.

Q. Is Kambu cool for body?

Yes, Kambu is considered a body coolant. Kambu helps us to reduce acidity, and due to its richness in fibre, it also helps us with constipation.

Q. Can we have Kambu daily?

Yes, we can eat Kambu daily. It acts as a natural coolant for the body, so expert says to use it daily during peak summers and you will safe from side effects of heat like dehydration, skin ulcers and heat strokes.

Q. Is Kambu good for skin?

Kambu assists in good skin as it helps to reduce acne and wrinkles. Being a natural coolant to the body it can help to reduce the heat in the body which causes pimples or acne.

Q. Is Kambu easily digestible?

Yes, Kambu is easily digested by our body, the ingredients present in it make it easy to digest and it breaks down slowly so the helpful nutrients slowly move in the bloodstream.

Q. Does Kambu cause constipation?

No, Kambu is an excellent food to prevent constipation. Due to being rich in fibre, it helps to regulate the natural bowel movement.

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