From Ancient Remedies to Modern Marvel: Harnessing Nilavarai Powder Benefits


Our world is full of things which can provide us with various health benefits. Nature has blessed us with so many wonders and in this blog we will be discussing one of them. We will learn about Nilavarai Powder’s benefits it is mainly used as a natural laxative that purifies our blood also. It is planted all across the world because of its high demand and super beneficial nature, in Southern India Nilavarai Powder is very famous and has been used for many generations for mainly curing the gut, hair and skin problems. Nilavarai Powder is also known as Senna Powder in English and its biological name is Cassia Augustifolia.

Understanding Nilavarai Powder Benefits and active ingredients

To understand the Nilavarai Powder Benefits we need to understand its active composition. Nilavarai Powder is mainly made of powder form of Nilavarai leaves which is also known as Indian Senna. In 100gm of powder, 76.9% constitute is of Nilavarai. The other constituents are Ginger powder which is about 7.6%, Black Pepper and Vidanga which is also another 7.6%. Every ingredient of this powder has a separate function while curing any diseases. Senna acts as a blood purifier which is also a natural laxative. It also provides relief in various skin diseases which we will discuss later on in this blog.

Ginger provides relief in chronic constipation, as it provides a smooth outlet of excreta by breaking down it into small particles. It is believed to have many other benefits like it is anti-inflammatory and provides help in muscle aches and headaches. Ginger powder is an antioxidant which helps to maintain body toxin levels and detox our body. Black Pepper helps to clean the intestines and reduces discomfort due to gas building in it. Black Pepper also stimulates hydrochloric acid which helps us to digest food better. Vidanga is used against intestinal worm infestation.

Nilavarai Powder Benefits in Constipation

  • The powder is made up of Nilavarai leaves and other natural ingredients. Its main use of it is for keeping our gut in a good state, it provides relief in chronic constipation conditions as a powerful laxative. The causes of constipation tell us a lot about our unhealthy lifestyle. According to experts most of us are suffering from constipation these days. The second most unhealthy lifestyle side effect is “stress” which you will be amazed to know also contributes to constipation and bad gut health. Nilavarai or Senna Powder may help us in a short period by providing a quick solution but in the longer run, we have to take care of it in a different way.
  • Food and Drug Administration has approved Nilavarai or Senna Powder as a laxative which can give you short-term benefits in constipation. A study shows only a few percent of people get the benefit of Nilavarai Powder. As already discussed in the blog the root cause of constipation can be different for different people. Eating a healthy fibre-rich diet, minimising the stress level and not eating junk food can be some tiny steps we can take to fight constipation in the longer run.
  • Another major benefit of Nilavarai Powder is to cure intestinal worm infestation mainly in children and adults.
  • Nilavarai or Senna Powder has natural anti-inflammatory properties which can have various benefits as it reduces the risk of heart diseases, obesity, pain in muscles, bowel and some skin infections.
Nilavarai Powder Benefits in Constipation

Dosages and directions to use

Nilavarai or Senna Powder is generally considered safe to use. You can get maximum Nilavarai Powder benefits if you take a recommendation from an expert before using it. Only they can predict the right number of dosages, how to use it and for how long you should use it. Because your body can also get used to it which can impact our natural bowel movements. We will tell you some widely recommended dosage of Nilavarai or Senna Powder that works for most people.

For constipation: Take 1 or 2 g of powder with a glass of hot water preferably at bedtime. 

For other benefits: You can take 1 or 2 g of Nilavarai or Senna Powder with a glass of water which is more than lukewarm, add 1 tablespoon of honey and take it first thing in the morning.

Nilavarai powder benefits in weight loss

The ingredients of Nilavarai or Senna power have a dominant 76% of Nilavarai leaves powder which can help us by providing relief in constipation and also promotes a healthy gut. Ginger powder in it is anti-inflammatory and also relieves constipation. As per the recommended dose of Nilavarai or Senna powder, the toxic levels of our body also reduce as it detoxifies our body, all these things promote a healthy gut. If our gut is healthy then there is a minimum chance of getting obese. We need to keep track of our diet and other issues like thyroid under control. It does not aid in weight loss directly but provides help in weight loss by keeping our gut healthy.

Nilvarai powder benefits in weight loss

Nilvarai powder benefits for hair problems

  • Apart from promoting a healthy gut, many people use Nilavarai or Senna powder to get healthy and shiny hair. You can use 2-3 g of Senna powder in water and yoghurt.
  • Yoghurt is very beneficial to hair in terms of curing dandruff and acts as a natural conditioner by giving shiny hair. It balances the pH levels of the scalp and has antifungal properties also.
  • We can mix Senna Powder with water and yoghurt in a bowl and mix it well by clearing all the lumps and making it a thick paste.
  • Apply this paste as a hair mask and leave it there for about 10 to 15 minutes.
  • Rinse your hair with water, you can use any Ayurvedic shampoo also to clear the paste. As your hair gets dry you will see sudden changes in your scalp and your hair looks shiny.

Arappu powder can also be used for hair dandruff. There are many other benefits of using it click here to know more.

Nilvarai powder benefits for hair problems

Nilavarai powder side effects

  • There are no real noted side effects of using Nilavarai or Senna powder. However, we have to be very cautious while using it.
  • If we use it without any expert consultation, we might overuse it. It can cause dependency, and we might not have a natural bowel movement in future.
  • Though we can use it with Homeopathic and Allopathic medicines there should be a proper gap between any medicines and Nilavarai or Senna Powder.


Q1. How to use Nilavarai powder?

Nilavarai powder can be taken for overall health benefits, especially for constipation and to get healthy hair, we can boil 1 glass of water, mix 1 tablespoon of Nilavarai powder, can add 1 tablespoon of honey with it. Mix it well, filter it and drink the whole first thing in the morning.

Q2. What is Nilavarai powder used for?

It improves the overall health of our body. We use Nilavarai power, especially in case of constipation and hair problems.

Q3. How do you take Nilavarai?

1 tablespoon of Nilavari powder should be taken with a glass of hot water in the morning. To get the maximum results we should drink it empty stomach for at least 2 to 3 months and it will give us relief from constipation and may improve our hair.

Q4. What is the benefit of Nilavarai?

Nilavarai benefits our overall health generally it provides us relief from constipation by acting as a powerful laxative.

Q5. What is the botanical name of Nilavarai powder?

The botanical name of Nilavarai is Cassai Augustifolia, in English, it is called Senna.

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Mansi Balodi
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