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Paya Soup is a delicious way to improve the essential nutrient depletion in our bodies. It is always a debatable topic and we have many bizarre theories of why we should not eat the non-veg food product. But, in our experience, we should listen to what is our body talking to us instead of just picking a side because of some beliefs. Some food products belong to the non-veg category but provide various essential nutrients to our bodies. In this blog, we will be talking about one such food item and discussing Paya Soup’s benefits for our bodies

About Paya Soup and its origin

Paya Soup which is also known as Bone Broth in the Western world is considered a tasty nutrient-rich food. We will be discussing Paya Soup benefits later on this blog in detail and I promise that you will give it a try after reading it. In today’s modern world we are struggling to keep our body fit and living a healthy life is almost a vague question. Adding to the injury, one cause behind this condition is that we started getting dependent on chemicals and external supplements to be fit and healthy.

In this quest of fitness and health, we started to make a distance from our ancient recipes which were mainly food products based. We have just ignored their benefits and fallen prey to the marketing of these chemical supplements. Paya Soup was a preferred food product generally whenever we travel some old roads like visiting our grandparents. They were the ones who knows the real Paya Soup benefits like it is filled with essential nutrients and does not aid to obesity.

Preparing Paya Soup at home

This soup can be prepared at home within 30 to 45 minutes and due to its taste and rich flavour, it is enjoyed by everyone at home. For preparing Paya Soup you need a portion of Trotters or Paya, green chillies, chopped onions, tomatoes and other ingredients required for Paya masala. In simple steps, we will guide you so that you can gain Paya Soup benefits and make yourself healthy.

Boil the raw meat for 10 minutes inside a pressure cookerWe should clean the meat portion under running water. Afterwards, add it to the pressure cooker, add 5 or 6 cups of water with salt, black pepper, turmeric and cardamom powder according to the taste. Boil it for 10 minutes on a medium flame.
Prepare the gravy or masala for the soupAdd some oil to a pan, add chopped onions and let it heat till the onion turn little brown. Add some spices (red chillies, salt) ginger, garlic paste with fresh chopped tomatoes and green chillies. Cook the whole portion till it starts leaking oil and then take out the pan.
Add boiled meat with masalaMix both things without removing the excess water. Let the whole thing be pressure-cooked for another 10 minutes. After that let it cool down and your soup is ready.
Procedure to make Paya Soup

Note: Add spices always according to your taste.

Some unknown Benefits of Paya Soup or Goat Leg Soup

Before discussing Paya Soup’s benefits we must know the fact it is a perfectly natural non-veg food product. The essential nutrient present in Goat Leg Soup or Paya Soup is extracted from the meat portion of goats or trotters. Paya itself means leg in Urdu can be prepared at home and due to its delicious taste, it is enjoyed by children and old age people mostly. Some Paya Soup benefits are,

1. Paya Soup benefits in joint pain

As old age approaches, we tend to experience pain in our joints sometimes it is arthritis. This soup is a must-have for old age people, rich in compounds called glucosamine and chondroitin which are very essential for joints it can also help to reduce the pain associated with arthritis. Rich in protein which can help us to keep our bones healthy.

Paya Soup benefits in joint pain

2. Paya Soup promotes healthy gut

Paya Soup is very easy on our digestive system and the body can digest it easily. It heals the digestive tract by withholding the essential digestive juices, this is done by a compound called gelatine which is available abundant in Paya Soup.

Paya Soup promotes healthy gut

3. Paya Soup improves and boosts our immune system

We are just hit by a Pandemic and now people know about the impact of a healthy immune system. In winter as our immunity can take a dip, we become susceptible to illness-causing bacteria and viruses, especially flu. Paya soup is rich in an amino acid called arginine which shields our body from these pathogens.

4. Paya Soup for Weight Loss

You may be surprised to know Paya Soup also helps us to lose some belly fat. As obesity has become one of the most concerning conditions in the world today, and there we have a food item which not only is highly nutritious but also helps us to reduce some extra fat. It contains L-glutamine and some very essential amino acids which help to reduce Firmicute in the intestinal tract which is the major cause of obesity. It also helps to increase the metabolism which can help to reduce excess fat. 

Paya Soup helps in weight loss
Paya Soup helps in weight loss

5. Paya Soup benefits in Insomnia

Insomnia is a serious medical condition when a patient finds it difficult to have proper sleep. According to World Health Organisation medical conditions related to our mental status are on the rise and in today’s world most of us are suffering from it. Paya Soup is rich in amino acid compounds known as Glycine. This compound helps in sensory relaxation and promotes sleep. In case you are going through some destress or mental fatigue Glycine will provide you relaxation.

Paya Soup benefits in Insomnia

6. Helps in skin collagen

Collagen is the most abundant body protein. There are different types of collagens out of which type I and type II are found in bones and cartilages. Collagen helps in maintaining bone mineral density and provides structural support. Thus, collagen plays a pivotal role in overall support and rigidity. Bone Broth is an excellent source of these types of collagens and thus can enhance bone density and bone strength.

7. Detoxification of the body

Detoxification of unwanted toxins from the body is very essential. Due to lifestyle changes and our eating habits, we unnecessarily deposit some harmful toxins in our body which should be released from time to time. Paya Soup is a natural detoxifier, while regularly consumed it will hydrate your body, increase the metabolism rate and flushes out the toxic material from the body. Due to this detoxification, our skin will glow and we became less susceptible to diseases.

8. It consists of high-nutrition value

Rich in NutrientBenefits
Rich in Calcium, Magnesium and PhosphorusPromotes healthy bones and nails. It is also helpful in arthritis
Rich in Collagen Type 1 & 2Promotes good skin by making it glow
Fatty AcidsProvides help storing energy in the body
Vitamin A & KBuilding bones and healthy teeth
GlycinePromotes Sensory Relaxation and can help in treating Insomnia
Necessary Amino acidsL-Glutamine can help to reduce excessive fat
Necessary Nutrients of Paya Soup

9. Paya Soup provides healthy bones and teeth

Due to the presence of Vitamin A and K and nutrients like Calcium, Magnesium and Phosphorus which are very essential to build bones and keeping our teeth healthy.

Paya Soup provides healthy bones and teeth

10. Boost amino acid content in the body

Amino acids are very necessary for the smooth functioning of the body. Paya Soup contains Glycine, Lycine, Glutamine, Crystine etc. in abundance.

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Paya Soup’s side effects

Bone Broth or Mutton Paya Soup is considered a safe food item to consume. In some cases when made in unhygienic conditions it can cause certain side effects to the body like,

  • Nausea
  • Bloating
  • Constipation
  • Acidity

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Q. Is Paya Soup healthy?

Yes, Paya soup is considered very healthy, especially for growing children and elderly people. It is rich in Ammino Acids which are very important for the smooth functioning of the body. Good Calcium, Magnesium and Phosphorus content which promotes good bone and teeth health and may help elderly people with joint pains and arthritis. It contains Glycine which can promote Sensory Relaxation.

Q. Is Paya Soup good for weight loss?

Yes, Paya Soup is considered for weight loss as it hydrates our body and increases our metabolism which can help in reducing body fat. It contains L-glutamine which helps to reduce Firmicute in the intestinal tract which is the major cause of obesity.

Q. Paya Soup benefits during pregnancy?

Paya Soup is considered an excellent pregnancy diet, but it should be well-cooked and hygienic. Due to the richness in nutrients, it can be beneficial to your body and for the baby’s health also. It helps in developing the Endocrine and Nervous systems of the baby and promotes good mental health also.

Q. Is it good to drink Paya Soup daily?

No, it is not advisable to drink it daily. During the winter season, you can have it twice weekly, it should be well-cooked. The Paya Soup should be drunk freshly it should not be reheated again and again, because it may reduce the nutritional content.

Q. Is Paya rich in protein?

Yes, Paya Soup is rich in proteins and other necessary nutrients. It also contains amino acids which are very necessary for the body.

Q. Is Paya hot or cold for the body?

Paya Soup is hot for the body, the way it is prepared and with all the necessary nutrients it helps to treat cold in our body.

Q. Is Mutton Paya high in cholesterol?

No, Mutton Paya is not at all high in cholesterol but we should consume this dish in less quantity and should not make a habit of it. It contains all the necessary nutrients and fat.

Q. Is Paya good for kidneys?

It can benefit a kidney patient though there is very less evidence of the same. It is rich in Potassium which lowers Sodium in the body which can benefit a patient having a bad kidney.

Q. Is Paya rich in collagen?

Yes, Paya Soup is rich in collagen and promotes good skin.

Q. Which animal meat is Paya?

Paya is a very famous South Asian dish which is mainly made from the leg portion of goats, sheep and trotters.

Q. Is Paya good for constipation?

Paya Soup is rich in nutrients and it is excellent food for our digestive system. The presence of Gelatin in Paya Soup can reduce constipation.

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