Everyday Dose vs Ryze: Mushrooms for Morning Mojo


We are fascinated and emotionally attached to the beverages we take in our daily lives. The world has been divided majorly between tea and coffee lovers. In this blog, we will be focusing on the battle of the mushroom brews Everyday Dose vs Ryze, different categories of products, and their benefits. If we talk about these classes of coffee, they combine the taste and goodness of the coffee with the health benefits of adaptogenic mushrooms.

A lot of brands are available in the market, and sometimes, choosing the right one can be overwhelming. Everyday Dose and Ryze are among the topmost brands in this category. Everyday Dose offers a range of mushroom coffee blends as well as individual mushroom supplements. It contains adaptogenic mushrooms and Arabica coffee beans, which make a unique sense of taste. Ryze Coffee is more functional in its approach and the coffee will focus on individual needs and preferences. The coffee is designed to boost focus, immunity, and energy. They offer a variety of flavors, which include caramel, chocolate, and vanilla.

Everyday Dose vs Ryze Mushrooms Coffee
Everyday Dose vs Ryze Mushrooms Coffee

Insight on Ryze Mushroom Coffee

Insight on Ryze Mushroom Coffee
Insight on Ryze Mushroom Coffee
  • Ryze presents a different level of coffee-drinking experience by combining coffee beans with different adaptogenic mushrooms. 
  • The good thing about Ryze is that it provides the rich experience of coffee, a caffeine boost, and the health benefits that are associated with certain mushrooms like Lion’s Mane and Chaga.
  • We all know that mushrooms are loaded with critical nutrients that will support our well-being. Lion’s Mane alone provides various cognitive benefits by supporting brain health.
  • Chaga mushrooms are filled with antioxidant properties and improve the immune system.
  • The Ryze coffee is pleasant, which can be compared with regular coffee’s taste with a slight improvement in acidic profile. 
  •  It is a fusion of coffee, MCT oil, and some mushrooms. There can be 6 different sets of mushrooms.
  • The brand offers coffee that is gluten-free, vegan and has no artificial flavors.

About Everyday Dose Mushroom Coffee

About Everyday Dose Mushroom Coffee
About Everyday Dose Mushroom Coffee
  • The overall concept of combining caffeine with the goodness of mushrooms is increasing its fanbase cup by cup. The Everyday Dose mushroom coffee has different blends, which contain mushroom latte (Lion’s Mane, Chaga, L-theanine) and original mushroom coffee.
  • The taste of the coffee will give you a rich experience of Arabica beans, which are known for their creamy and smooth texture.
  • The important thing to note about Everyday Dose Mushroom Coffee is that it is available with low caffeine content (39mg) per serving.
  • The coffee supports energy, focus, immune and gut health. The company also claims that its product provides stable energy without jitters.
  • You will be amazed to know that the Everyday Dose Mushroom Coffee is available with subscription plans with convenient delivery options. A one-time purchase is also available.

It is not unfair to justify the question of Everyday Dose vs Ryze this may light the spark between them. They proved to be highly impactful in the health drink industry. Both of them cater to almost the same audience and are very beneficial. Let us take a look at how they provide benefits.

1. Improving Immunity and Gut

A lot of beverages target to have these benefits while both the coffees are rich in content which can improve immunity and gut health.

Everyday Dose vs Ryze

  • If we talk about Everyday Dose, Chaga is rich in antioxidant which supports gut and immune health. Low caffeine content is also gentler on digestion.
  • Ryze can work on the immune and gut health of consumers. 

2. Energy Levels and Coffee Content

Caffeine content and energy levels are considered before choosing a drink. We will find out how these brands have scored.

Everyday Dose vs Ryze

  • Everyday Dose has lower caffeine content than a normal cup of coffee. The brand has claimed that it provides stable energy without jitters, and for this, they have also added L-theanine.
  • Ryze is a little high in caffeine when compared to Everyday Dose, which can provide high energy boosts.

3. Some Other Benefits

We always seek something more out of everything we know. Talking about brands of these health drinks always has something extra to offer.

Everyday Dose 

L-theanine is known to promote relaxation and reduce anxiety, 


The brand is known for strong reduction coffee, which is available in different flavors like caramel, vanilla, and chocolate

4. Taste, Price and Subscription

Everyday Dose 

It has smooth, creamy, high-quality Arabica beans, which makes it slightly expensive, and is both a one-time purchase and subscription-based.


The coffee is less expensive than Everyday Dose and has an earthy flavor due to its high mushroom content. It has a subscription-only model.

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Everyday Dose and Ryze Benefits

Everyday Dose and Ryze Benefits
Everyday Dose and Ryze Benefits

The competition between the two coffees cum health drinks is justified as they can cater to two different sets of audiences. Let me show you how.

1. Main Focus

  • As per Everyday Dose, it provides stable energy without any jitters. It improves our immune system and gut health.
  • Ryze provides a strong boost of energy and also improves focus and clarity.  

2. Known For

  • Everyday Dose has a smooth and creamy taste, which reduces digestive issues, gains clarity, and also helps improve skin health.
  • Ryze has a better price than Everyday Dose. It can increase efficiency due to the power boost of high caffeine content and also improve the immune system.

3. Caffeine and Other Ingredient

  • Everyday Dose has a very low caffeine content (39mg). The main ingredients are collagen protein, Chaga’s mushrooms, and Lion’s Mane.
  • It has a high caffeine content of around (50-75mg). Lion’s Mane, Rhodiola, and Cordyceps are the main ingredients.

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Webstory on “Everyday Dose vs Ryze”

Weight Loss by Mushroom Coffee

Weight Loss by Mushroom Coffee
Weight Loss by Mushroom Coffee

These days, we usually choose healthy drinks instead of traditional coffee or tea. Moving towards more stable and overall health improvement can be the main reason we are seeing this paradigm shift. Both Everyday Dose and Ryze mushroom coffee have a unique blend of caffeine with the goodness of mushrooms. People tend to choose this trendy beverage, which gives them a caffeine kick with the goodness of mushrooms. Some people believe that mushroom coffee is potent for weight loss. Let us see how.

A. Appetite Control

  • While losing body weight, daily calorie count is the most critical thing to do. Over the period, we see there is an increase in our calorie intake, and a sedentary lifestyle adds up to create the perfect scenario for possible weight gain.
  • Mushrooms in Everyday Dose and Ryze can keep a check on calorie intake by regulating hormones.

B. Stress Reduction

  • Yes, you heard it right: stress can be a formidable reason for fat gain. Stress can cause hormonal imbalance which can disrupt our eating habits, which makes us take extra calories.
  • The mushrooms in the coffee have some stress-reduction properties. This can help to reduce daily calorie intake and awaken our conscience to eat healthy. 

C. Blood Sugar Control

  • High Blood Sugar, which is not maintained, can be the reason for obesity. The benefits of mushrooms are that the sugar levels are regulated and it does not aid in weight gain.
  • Mushrooms like cordyceps help to prevent crashes, which manage triggers that can cause food cravings.

D. High Metabolic Rate

  • A good metabolic rate helps to reduce weight by efficient calorie burning.
  • Certain mushrooms like chaga are rich in antioxidants, which can increase the metabolic rate during system cleansing.

Source of Energy

  • Everyday Dose has a lower caffeine content than a normal coffee. The brand is known to provide a steady amount of energy without experiencing a breakdown.
  • Ryze is high in caffeine if we compare it with Everyday Dose and lower than traditional coffee. It provides more energy, which is very stable and does not cause any jitters.
  • Both of this coffee is considered good for those who want to maintain productivity throughout the day without a breakdown.

Supporting Mental Health & Clarity

  • Both of the brands emphasize the drink that will support overall well-being. The blended mushrooms with the coffee are supposed to have certain cognitive benefits.
  • If we talk about Ryze’s Reishi it helps to maintain stress levels while Lion’s Mane improves the focus and improve mental clarity.
  • Lion’s Mane of Everyday Dose provides cognitive support, while Chaga mushrooms are known to have antioxidation properties.

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Side Effects of Everyday Dose & Ryze

Side Effects of Everyday Dose vs Ryze
Side Effects of Everyday Dose & Ryze

Both brands provide health benefits and are considered safe for consumption. We should be aware of the potential side effects it may cause.

  • When we intake more than the recommended value of coffee, we can expect stomach upset, bloating, and diarrhea.
  • Some say they experience mild headaches while consuming the mushroom coffee.
  • The collagen protein in the Mushroom Latte of Everyday Dose can cause bloating and constipation 
  • Ryze coffee has a high content of caffeine, which can cause fatigue, stress, and insomnia.

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Both the coffee Everyday Dose and Ryze provide a subscription-based model. The pricing structure for both can be different. Let’s take a look.

Everyday Dose Pricing

  • The brand offers a variety of subscription options, which can differ with various blends 
  • The Basic Plan as of (2024) is $39.99 for a bag per month with free shipping.
  • The Plus Plan as of (2024) is $59.99 for two bags, and you can choose from any blend with free shipping.
  • The Pro Plan as of (2024) is $79.99 for three bags of any blended coffee with a single bag of instant coffee.

Ryze Pricing

  • The brand offers two subscription models for different blends and delivery frequencies.
  • The Focus Plan as of (2024) is $34.99 for a month.
  • The Flow Plan as of (2024) is $44.99 for a month.
  • As per subscription coffee bag will be delivered after 4 weeks.
  • Free shipping only after above $49.


Ryze vs. Everyday Dose coffee sounded off-beat in the starting, but towards the end, we can conclude that based on preferences and the size of the pocket, one can choose between two. Both brands offer a wide range of blended coffee with adaptogenic mushrooms. Everyday Dose is expensive and provides a lower caffeine content than a normal coffee. Therefore, it is suitable for sensitive individuals who may require stable energy throughout the day without any jitters. If you consider Ryze as a preferred choice of drink, it will be pocket-friendly with a slightly higher caffeine content than Everyday Dose. It gives an energy boost and reduces stress.


Q1. Is mushroom coffee good for you?

Yes, mushroom coffee is known for its health benefits. It is generally made by mixing medicinal mushrooms in powdered form, like lion’s mane, chaga, reishi, and cordyceps, with regular coffee. Mushroom coffee has adaptogenic properties that can manage stress effectively, reduce jitters, and provide mental clarity by improving focus.

Q2. Is mushroom coffee safe?

Mushroom coffee is considered safe for human consumption when taken in moderation. If a person is allergic to mushrooms like lion’s mane, chaga, reishi, and cordyceps, they may have specific problems. Bloating, gas, and nausea can be early signs of gastrointestinal discomfort. Sometimes, caffeine content is not easy to handle and can cause lots of problems like insomnia, digestive problems, high blood pressure, palpitations, and tremors. However, mushroom coffee generally has a lower caffeine content than regular coffee.

Q3. Why drink mushroom coffee?

We should drink and prefer mushroom coffee over the normal one. It is generally made by mixing medicinal mushrooms in powdered form, like lion’s mane, chaga, reishi, and cordyceps, with regular coffee. Apart from health benefits like support to immune health and promoting mental clarity, it is rich in antioxidants and has low caffeine content, which lowers the jitters.

Q4. How much caffeine is in mushroom coffee?

High caffeine content can create a lot of health problems, which include insomnia and heart disease. The caffeine levels in mushroom coffee depend on various factors like varieties offered by different brands and mushroom extracts, which might dilute overall caffeine levels.

Q5. Does mushroom coffee help you lose weight?

Yes, certain mushrooms used in the blend, like reishi and cordyceps, are known to support weight management through metabolic support, which enhances exercise performance and helps us get rid of extra body fat effectively and quickly. Stress management as adaptogenic mushrooms is believed to manage the stress of the body and indirectly help in shedding some weight. Some scientific studies suggest mushroom coffee can influence our appetite and fullness, promoting a calorie intake check and portion control.

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