Can a Stye Cause a Headache

Do you feel a tiny little red bump at the edge of an eyelid that comes with lots of discomfort? Yes, we are talking about Stye. Bacterial infections and a little help from poor hygiene primarily cause it. The question is, can it cause a headache?


1. Bacterial Infection

The name of the culprit which has been associated with a Stye is the bacterium Staphylococcus aureus. The Stye can be formed due to an infection in the sebaceous gland, which is also called the oil gland.

2. Blockage of Oil Glands

This could be one of the most common causes to form a Stye. Oil-producing glands are normally located at the base of eyelashes. If they get blocked due to any reasons, it can cause oil accumulation and eye inflammation, resulting in a Stye.


1. External Stye

It is the most common form of a Stye. You can feel a tiny red bump, which can cause inflammation at the corner of the eyelid. It can be formed as the bacterium Staphylococcus aureus infects the oil gland or the hair follicle at the eyelash base.

2. Internal Stye

The happening of an internal Stye is highly unlikely as compared to its counterpart. It can be formed within the eyelid. The main reason this happens is when the oil gland, which is also known as the meibomian gland, gets infected.

Can a Stye Cause a Headache

Strain and Pain

The main reason one can feel a headache is due to the referred pain which can become prominent with discomfort and irritation caused by a Stye. Eye strain also leads to increased stress and anxiety, which can further worsen a headache.

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