Can Fig Newtons Cause Diabetes

Can Fig Newtons Cause Diabetes

Fig Newtons is considered a healthy way of snacking as it has a filling of natural fig, which has fiber content to support gastrointestinal health and diabetes. Is it the only truth, or is there something hidden? Let us find out.



High Sugar Content

Fig newtons have a load of sugar per serving. It almost contains 6-8 grams of sugar in a cookie. When we do not consume it in moderation, the risk of type 2 diabetes becomes high.


Processed Ingredient

Classic cookies are not all-natural, and they have highly processed ingredients. Flour and leaving agents, sugar, preservatives, fats, and oils like canola or palm. All these processed ingredients can negatively impact our health.

Positive Side


Fiber Content

The fig filling of Fig newtons has some fiber content in it, well it is not so significant in quantity that it can make a difference. Fiber is considered excellent for gastrointestinal health and keeping your well-being.


Moderation is Key

Snaking is not bad if done mindfully. The cookie has the goodness of natural figs, which can have some health benefits. Having them in moderation can be justified if you do not have an underlying health disorder or are not planning to live sedentary.


Can Make You Poop

The fiber content of the classical cookies can solve your bowel mystery. Fiber acts magically for constipation as it adds bulk to stool in the gut and provides moisture, which makes it easier to pass through the colon.