Can You Take Berberine and Magnesium Together

Delving into the intriguing question of whether to take Berberine with Magnesium made us go through the health benefits they bring to humans. Berberine is derived from plants and can help in controlling blood sugar. We know how critical magnesium is for our bodies.

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Role of Magnesium

Improve Heart Health

Magnesium is known to aid in several heart conditions. First, it ensures the proper heart rhythm by getting involved in the contraction and relaxation of heart muscles. Most importantly, it makes sure that the body maintains a healthy blood pressure.

Role of Berberine

Blood Sugar Regulation

Berberine has shown a good response when used to control high blood sugar. It has gained some limelight lately after its potent impact on solving symptoms of type 2 diabetes, which include the body's improvement in insulin resistance.

Taking Berberine and Magnesium Together


While taking both Berberine and Magnesium together as a health supplement, be aware of the permissible amount. Both of the supplements can overlap in improving some health conditions. If the permissible amount is exceeded, it can be problematic.


Health Status

The effects of every health supplement can differ among individuals, and it isn't easy to generalize it. To get better results as a recommendation, consult with a healthcare expert who can identify the body's tolerance levels.



Before taking any health supplement, we should be aware of the fact that the efficacy of certain medicinal salts can be hampered when taking Berberine or magnesium. This can cause all sorts of problems, so it is better to discuss it with your doctor.


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