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5 cocolmeca benefits

Native to Mexico and parts of Central America, this herb is scientifically known as Smilax domingensis or Smilax ornate. Cocolmeca benefits from its rich bioactive compound content.

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Cocolmeca bark benefits consist of some detox properties, which made it very famous among native people. All the body toxins and waste are flushed out from the body with regular cocolmeca consumption.



There are various diseases in which body inflammation is the prominent symptom, like Arthritis. Regular consumption of cocolmeca benefits to reduce it.



Some studies revealed that polyphenols in cocolmeca act as antioxidants. Our body accumulates free radicals or toxins over time and produces oxidative stress. Antioxidant combats with them.


Antioxidant Property

Cocolmeca is believed to be beneficial for our guts. It is rich in fiber, which helps alleviate symptoms of constipation. It can have sound effects on other gastrointestinal diseases like bloating.


Gastrointestinal Health

Various studies have been conducted to check the efficacy of cocolmeca to reduce joint problems. It is a rich anti-inflammatory agent that helps in conditions like Arthritis.


Joint Health