Possible Friend in Intoxication

Does Milk Get Rid of High

Once in a while, we may land up in a situation when getting back to senses from a state of high becomes necessary. According to some beliefs, milk possesses some mystical properties that can swiftly nullify the level of high.

1. What Do Scientific Studies Say?

Various scientific studies focused on the subject have been done. None of them could establish a relationship between being high after getting intoxicated and taking milk to sober up.

2. Popular Theory

There are many anecdotal beliefs. Out of them, one says that being a good source of fats and protein, milk can be a potent source to lower the high by binding with compounds of intoxicated substance & slowing the absorption.

3. Hydration is Key

This can be a proven fact, as drinking milk improves fluid balance in the body. This property hydrates the body, and it is a fact that intoxication is less severe if the person who is intoxicated is properly hydrated.

Best Ways to Get Sober Up

1. Time

Buying yourself some time is one of the best things to reduce the high when under the influence of an intoxicated item. The liver metabolizes alcohol at a certain pace. When it is completely metabolized, you again get the consciousness back.

2. Food

Eating a balanced diet after getting high can also be a preferred way to negate the effects of alcohol. When the body is full, there is a chance there is less absorption of alcohol, and you flush it out in urine.

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