Does Urine Kill an Ear Infection?

Examining the Claim

It is something that is not recommended or approved by the medical fraternity. Urine is a not sterile fluid that is full of waste products and can influence the growth of bacteria in the ear canal, worsening the infection.


There is no surety whether urine can cure an ear infection or not, but the odor and color do tell us about underlying health conditions. It can help us detect UTIs, liver infections, and diabetes.

Diagnosis is done With the Help of Urine.


According to popular belief, urine mainly consists of urea and uric acid, which are potent for healing a wound. It is also enriched with certain growth factors which can speed up healing.

Urine in Wound Healing

Stem Cell Therapy with Urine


Urine consists of some epithelial cells and stem cells, which contribute to the unique properties to replace, regenerate, and repair damaged cells, tissues, and organs of bodies.

Benefits of USCT (Urine Derived Stem Cells)


One of the biggest advantages of using urine for extracting stem cells is that it can be used in a patient’s treatment. This action might also reduce immune rejection since they would be the patient’s cells.


Unlike other sources of stem cells, urine is available in abundance. Though many people would argue about the quantity, the ease of collection would compensate for the limitation.



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