Dr. Gina Sam 7 Second Morning Ritual

Dr. Gina Sam is a world-renowned gastroenterologist who is quite popular on social media because she sheds light on the importance of a healthy gut. Our gastric health is a doorway to wellness, and we must follow healthy rituals to attain it.

Secret About 7-sec Bowel Release

The role of healthy morning rituals, which ensure an empty gut, is a way to determine the type of day we will have. It describes a regime that we should follow to remain sensitive for early morning bowels.


Role of Soluble Fiber

To ensure a healthy gut, we must take daily dietary fiber. It can be our number one priority. Soluble fiber gets dissolved in water and ensures the right moisture in stool, which makes it easier for it to move in the gut. It can also control dangerous glucose spikes.

Role of Insoluble Fiber

These are the types of fiber that don’t dissolve in water and provide bulk to the stool. By this action, the stool can easily pass through the digestive system.

Other Necessary Steps

Importance of Hydration

Drinking enough water throughout the day is considered blissful for a healthy gut. It will ensure the stool does not get dry and easily move through the system. Water is also essential for breaking down the food and nutrient absorption.

Role of Light Physical Activities

Doing light physical exercises early in the morning can stimulate abdominal muscles and intestine which can help generate bowels. It can also regulate the blood flow in the body, which can make digestion much more effective.