Health Benefits of Palo Azul

A Natural Approach to Wellness

When we talk about gaining wellness from nature, Palo Azul is the most talked about herb. Native to Mexico and parts of Southwestern America. Its ability to improve and maintain kidney health is one of the most significant discoveries in the recent past.

Loaded With Nutrients


These are organic compounds found in almost all plants. Alkaloids are considered analgesic and anti-inflammatory. Tannins particularly have astringent properties. When used in skincare products, they tighten the skin after cleansing.

Presence of Alkaloids and Tannins


Palo Azul is known for its therapeutic properties. It contains a volatile compound that contributes to its scent and medial properties. Essential oils are considered good as a stress relief and anti-fungal.

Source of Essential Oils

Health Benefits


Palo Azul is known to have diuretic properties, which make it blissful for keeping kidneys in good shape. The herb is known to clean the system by increasing urine production in the body, which can prevent Urinary Tract Infections

Preventing Urinary Tract Infections (UTI)


The herb is a good antioxidant. It keeps a check on the oxidative stress produced by free radicals or toxins that are accumulated by our body over time. When toxin levels in the body narrow down, it begins to heal itself.

Body Detox

Side Effects

It has been seen that if an individual is allergic to herbs of the Fabaceae family, then they are likely to be allergic to Palo Azul. Some preliminary symptoms of an allergic reaction are itching, redness, swelling, or respiratory problems.

Beware of Allergic Reactions