Is Fig Newtons Good for Diabetes

Fig Newtons is a classic snack that has been loved by many. The USP of this cookie is that it has a central filling of naturally occurring fig. Although it has some natural content, people should not see it as something that can manage diabetes.


 Fiber Content

A single cookie serving has some percentage of dietary fiber, which alleviates gastrointestinal problems like constipation. With daily fiber intake, we can eliminate multiple gut problems.



There are good chances that we can relieve gastrointestinal health issues, especially constipation, by combining fiber intake with water. Fiber absorbs water in the gut, which provides adequate moisture to stool.


The availability of figs can make this cookie a little better than others, as they can provide many health benefits. However, we must consume them in moderation. Otherwise, the high sugar content and processed ingredients of Fig Newtons can cause problems.

Moderation is the Key


A single serving (2 cookies) of Fig Newtons can have about 10-12 grams of sugar, which is significantly very high. The cookie's fiber content is way less than its sugar content, which means it is not a healthy food alternative.

High Sugar Content


Consider consulting a healthcare expert if you want a healthy option to minimize or maintain blood sugar levels. As a diabetic patient, when you have a craving to eat something sweet, other options can be recommended by a doctor.

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