Mushroom Coffee: Benefits & Side Effects

It is a trending beverage mainly made by blending traditional coffee beans with medicinal mushrooms like chaga, lion's mane, and reishi. The Mushroom coffee is quite famous among fitness enthusiasts and gym goers.

Some Benefits


Yes, you heard it correctly: mushroom coffee has been placed as a drink that helps manage stress & anxiety—Reishi mainly as it contains adaptogens. It has been used as an active ingredient in mushroom coffee.

Reduced Stress & Anxiety


Mushrooms used to blend with ground coffee have antioxidants. Their role is to safeguard the body at the cellular level from the oxidative stress of free radicals. That is how they boost immunity.

Boost Immunity


Various studies examining mushroom coffee's efficacy in improving cognitive function have some extraordinary results. Lion's mane, in particular, is used to better cognitive function.

Improved Cognitive Function

Side Effects


Talking about Chaga mushrooms, which are found to be high in oxalates, can be dangerous as they can increase the risk of kidney stones. Its regular consumption can increase the susceptibility of sensitive individuals to kidney disorders.

Kidney Concern


It can be doubtful, but if the person is sensitive and is allergic to mushrooms, then they can feel some allergic reactions. Symptoms can be abdomen cramps, difficulty breathing, or chest tightness.

Allergic Reactions