A Revolution Unleashed

Ultrasound Bra Detecting Breast Cancer


Image credits: news.mit.edu

The world has felt the severe threat posed by cancer. The disease showed a deformity at the genetic level. A revolutionary Ultrasound bra will be able to detect breast cancer. Let us know how.

The Technology

A flexible ultrasound patch on the inner side of the cup will be added, but it will not add bulk to the bra size. The patch will contain ultrasound transducers that will send and receive sound waves.



The goal of this revolutionary product is to detect breast cancer in the early stage, which will improve the survival rate. They will be very convenient as women can perform the self-examination at home.


Challenges - 1

Further digging into the topic is needed as the current research is inaccurate. Accuracy of the technology to detect different types of tumors will be the ultimate goal.


Challenge - 2

The most challenging thing that will come across will be training the user on how she will interpret the images. It needs to receive regulatory approval before it can be widely used.


Current Research

A team at MIT is working on a product prototype that can detect a tumor as small as 0.3 cm, which is a sign of an early-stage tumor.