What Happens When the Scab Falls off After LEEP

A scab is a protective layer that guards the healing underneath. It is considered normal when the scab falls after the LEEP procedure and is part of the healing process. The correct timing for this to happen is crucial.

1. Timing

Typically, the scab will fall off within 7-10 days after the LEEP procedure. This time frame can vary as it largely depends on the treated area's and individual healing rate and size.

2. Symptoms

Immediately as the scab falls off, the individual can experience increased bleeding for a day or two. This is usually a reddish-brown discharge with a moderate flow. 

3. Discharge

The complete healing process can go up to 6 months, and during this period, a watery pinkish discharge and sometimes brownish-black discharge can be experienced. This can signify healing.

4. Follow Up

You should schedule a doctor's appointment within 4 to 6 weeks after the LEEP procedure. This is to discuss the healing progress and any complications with your doctor.

5. Beware of Heavy Bleeding

What we meant by heavy bleeding is that you are soaking more than one sanitary pad per hour. It should be followed by severe pain, fever, and foul-smelling discharge. In this case, immediately contact your doctor.