What Level of Alkaline Phosphatase is Dangerous

What Level of Alkaline Phosphatase is Dangerous


The level of Alkaline Phosphate can tell a lot about our health. It is an enzyme that acts as a catalyst in various chemical reactions in our bodies. The healthy levels in adult men and women are around 25-140 U/L


What is Alkaline Phosphate?

These isoenzymes govern many chemical reactions in the liver, bones, kidney, and placenta (in case of pregnancy). They act as catalysts in hydrolysis of phosphate esters in an alkaline environment.


Alkaline Phosphate in Youth and Children

The alkaline phosphate level in children below the age of 18 is a bit high as per the body's demand, and the value is between 50 and 400 U/L. But for adults, it is between 25-140 U/L


Dangerous levels of Alkaline Phosphate

It depends on various factors in which age, sex, conditions, and underlying disease play an important role. A high enzyme level tells us about some liver, bones, or bile duct complications.


Alkaline Phosphate during Pregnancy

Pregnancy is a critical stage in which a woman's body changes. Fluctuating enzyme levels can be one of them; they are generally higher due to body demand.


Alkaline Phosphate During Dehydration

It is doubtful that levels of Alkaline Phosphate change during a single episode of mild dehydration. Prolonged dehydration can stress out the liver and increase its levels.