Why is Clenpiq so Expensive: Balancing Profits and Affordability


Clenpiq is a medicine often prescribed for bowel preparation during various medical procedures, like colonoscopy. It is a combination solution of sodium picosulfate, citric acid, and magnesium oxide formulated to induce bowel movements so that the colon is cleaned to perform various medical procedures. Despite its criticality, have you ever wondered why Clenpiq is so expensive?

  • While we decode this mystery and try to find out the real reasons for its high cost, we need to pay attention to several things in the drug industry.
  • The cost incurred in research and development of the medicine can be a major factor in determining the final costs.
  • Demand and supply in the market.
  • What is the competition level? Do we have different brands manufacturing the same medicine?

The idea behind writing this blog is to educate you on the topic so you can explore more options before actually picking the prescribed medicine.

  • We will understand why Clenpiq is used.
  • Health insurance coverage and cost without it.
  • Three different ways to find affordable Clenpiq.

What is Clenpiq and its Use

Clenpiq is a medicine prescribed to induce bowel movements so that the colon can be cleared to perform various medical examinations.

Importance of Cleansing

  • The complete cleansing of the colon is extremely important as it will increase the visibility of a doctor to examine the patient during a colonoscopy. 
  • In the case of a clean colon, the doctor can easily predict or sight any abnormality, growth, or potential issues.
Active Ingredients of Clenpiq

Active Ingredients of Clenpiq

The prescribed medicine has three main ingredients. We will try to summarise them in a single table.

Magnesium oxideMagnesium oxide is an active ingredient that functions as an osmotic laxative. Its role is to draw water into the intestines, thereby softening the stool, which can cause bowel movements.
Sodium picosulphateSodium picosulphate is among the three main ingredients of the medicine. Its primary role is to stimulate bowel movements by increasing muscle contraction in the intestines.  Inducing bowel movements clears the colon from stool and debris. The use of sodium picosulfate is critical to ensure the effectiveness of the procedure of colonoscopy.
Citric acidThe role of citric acid is quite critical as it helps to create a solution that cleans the bowel, which is necessary for performing various medical procedures like colonoscopy.  It teams up with magnesium oxide to make a solution that softens stool and helps generate bowel movements.
Active Ingredients of Clenpiq

Clenpiq and Health Insurance

The coverage of Clenpiq in an insurance plan depends on things like plan type and medical necessity.

Insurance Plan

  • There are insurance plans which partially or fully cover the cost associated with the procedure.
  • To find out about your insurance coverage, check your specific plan and discuss it with your insurance provider. You can also take the help of your doctor or pharmacist. They may prescribe you an alternative medicine if Clenpiq is not covered.

Medical Necessity

  • If Clenpiq is medically necessary for a coloscopy, insurance may have to cover all costs associated with it.
  • Your insurance provider might ask you for documentation that states why the use of Clenpiq is a necessity in your specific case.

Cost of Clenpiq Without Insurance

  • The cost of Clenpiq without insurance depends on several factors. One of them is the pharmacy from which you choose to purchase it. Check for any available discounts or savings programs.
  • The average cost of Clenpiq without insurance can fall between $100 to $200 or more.
  • This price range may depend on factors like strength and quantity prescribed by a doctor. 

If cost is a concern: Check with your pharmacy about the latest rates, discounts, or other savings options. Discussing alternative medicines with your healthcare provider is also a good way to reduce out-of-pocket costs.

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Why is Clenpiq so Expensive

Why is Clenpiq so Expensive

The affordability of the medicine is a big question mark, as it can act as a hurdle for patients who need colonoscopy preparation. We tried to find out why Clenpiq is so expensive, and this is what we have found.

Lack of Generic Competition

  • Clenpiq is a brand-name medication that has no generic competition as of now. This means the brand has a clear monopoly on setting the benchmark rates.
  • Generic medicines are much less costly than branded medicines because they do not require the same research and development investment. 

R&D Costs

  • There is an immense amount of resources, including investment, research, clinical trials, and FDA approvals, to develop a new drug.
  • It is valid enough to put these incurred costs into the final price of the medicines.

Orphan Drug Designation

  • Conflicting information exists about Clenpiq’s orphan drug designation.
  • According to some sources, Clenpiq is a special medication for uncommon illnesses. The government might help develop these types of medicines, but that does not always mean they are cheap. 
  • Orphan drug designation is meant to encourage the research for medicine of rare diseases. 

Profit Margin and Limited Use

  • The profit margin set by the brand can be high, which may justify the high cost of Clenpiq.
  • The medicine has a specific use, such as cleaning the colon and preparing it for colonoscopy. This limited application may contribute to higher costs than medicines with broader uses.
Ways to Get Affordable Prices for Clenpiq

Ways to Get Affordable Prices for Clenpiq

So far, we have known the criticality of medicine as it plays a very important role in making your colon ready for medical procedures like colonoscopy. Despite its high cost, it is possible to get Clenpiq at a discounted price. Check out how.

What is the Clenpiq Coupon Program

The manufacturer offers the Clenpiq coupon program to help reduce a patient’s out-of-pocket expense. To be eligible, the patient has to meet certain criteria.


This program is available for almost everyone who either has commercial insurance or can pay in cash (those who do not have insurance).


Once you obtain the coupon, commercially insured patients may have to pay just $40 per prescription. It is the same for cash-paying patients.

Obtaining the Coupon

  • Healthcare providers can download the coupon for their patients directly from Clenpiq’s official website (https://www.clenpiq.com/hcp/coverage/).
  • On visiting the page, you can scroll down and download the Clenpiq coupon.

Note: The $40 price is the potential minimum. The actual cost that you have to pay can vary.

How SingleCare Offers Discounts for Clenpiq

SingleCare does not necessarily negotiate costs directly with the Clempiq manufacturer. Instead, they work with different pharmacies to offer discounts on medicines. There are two major ways SingleCare offers discounts for Clenpiq.

Large Volume Discount

  • Imagine SingleCare as a group buyer for different medicines. For this reason, they have to work with different pharmacies. 
  • SingleCare sends a lot of business to these pharmacies, so they are in a position to negotiate the final price.
  • That is how a pharmacy offers a discounted price to SingleCare, which is later passed on to the patient.

Discounted Pharmacy Fees

  • Dispensaries selling medicines like Clenpiq add dispensing fees. This is a charge that the pharmacy adds on top of the wholesale cost of the medicine to cover the cost of processing the prescription.
  • SingleCare may negotiate to lower dispensing fees with the pharmacy. A reduction in these fees can add up to the overall discount that you will receive on Clenpiq.
How GoodRx Helps to Provide a Discounted Price on Clenpiq

How GoodRx Helps to Provide a Discounted Price on Clenpiq

GoodRx is somewhat similar to Clenpiq. All these services aim to save money spent on medication.

Finding the Discount

You need to follow simple steps to find a discount on Clenpiq.

Step 1: Open the GoodRx website or the application.

Step 2: Add the medicine name with the zip code. 

Step 3: It will show you nearby pharmacies, and with the lowest prices.

Saving Coupon

  • GoodRx provides you coupons that can be shown to pharmacies to get a discounted price on Clenpiq.
  • Sometimes, you can get a great deal and can avail yourself of up to 80% of the regular price.

No Insurance Required

  • GoodRx can be used even if you do not have an insurance cover.
  • It can be a great option when the GoodRx discount is more than your insurance co-pay.


“Why is Clenpiq so expensive?” We have started this blog by dwelling on the affordability of colon preparation medicine. There are different reasons for the high cost of Clenpiq. One of the most prominent reasons that we have found is that a brand can spend a hefty amount on research and development of a new drug. This cost is bound to be reflected in the final price of the medicine. Secondly, the medicine has limited use, and it is mainly prescribed to empty the colon for a successful colonoscopy. The restricted or specific use of a medicine can relate to its high price. 

There are many ways to get Clenpiq at the discounted price that we have mentioned in the blog. Let me rephrase it for you again:

  • Through the Clenpiq coupon program
  • Visit the GoodRx or SingleCare website and follow the instructions.
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