Work-Life Stress & Ways To Balance It, 5 Ways To Make Yourself Stress-Free


Work-life Stress, Depression and Anxiety, these kinds of words, are getting more significant in today’s life as we tend to struggle to maintain harmony between what we do and how we live. Work-life balance is not just the reason why anyone struggles and easily moves on in life, we are not able to understand our inner selves and struggle with the changes that life brings to us.

Reasons for Stress In Daily Life

Nowadays, we debate a lot about maintaining a stress-free life and managing work-life stress because it causes many health hazards and changes the whole lifestyle of humans. There are few necessities of life like money, growth, food, clothes etc. We are prioritising these basic needs as the only basis of life because we cannot look beyond them, we see life in a very ordinary fashion without believing in its vast horizons, and we cannot think that there is much more than that. 

Everyone in this world who is working for someone or doing something on their own passionately starts doing it by setting some goals that can be shot term and maybe long-term.

They indulge in this process and begin to expect everything good and positive out of it without focusing their energies on the work itself; they depend so much on the outcome that they tend to overthink it.

Whenever a person indulges themselves in the outcome or result, they might get disappointed because sometimes they are not favourable, and sometimes they bring learning out of it. We need to understand one thing how we want to pursue our life, whether we want it to be a bubble floating near to us which can get burst with our expectations or we want to explore our inner self and want to witness anything that comes our way as it is & does only what is necessary.

Reasons For Work-Life Stress

There can be various reasons for having work-life stress depending on our quality of life. Small overthinking, an expectation, a slight struggle, and an overwhelming emotion can be the root cause of very depressing thoughts, which may haunt the individual and can deteriorate his overall life. Few reasons in our day-to-day work life that can generate stress,

  • We are not getting favourable results on day-to-day tasks. Instead of focusing on the journey of a task, we indulge ourselves with the result, start dreaming about the good outcome and tend to divert from the process.
  • Not maintaining a healthy relationship at the office. Sometimes fighting with colleagues, getting a scolding from a boss/client. Not getting adequate support from the team or anyone can be the reason for a stressful individual.
  • If anyone is underpaid or getting less salary. Money is one of the most motivating factors in life various surveys have said that and if you are not getting well paid for what you do can be stressful and depressing.
  • If the work you do is not bringing any difference to your skill set and is not challenging enough. Sometimes individuals feel stuck in their life due to that, they are not getting enough motivation out of it. Most of the time, we are in our work mode, and we spend a reasonable amount of time our day in the office, we should get motivation in what we do if we don’t, then the problem may arise slowly.

It is said that you can manage your all stress levels if you are mentally at peace, to know please click here.

Job Changing Stress

  • In today’s fast-moving life, individuals weigh their skillset and ability to perform a job by the return benefits they get, which is always money-centric. To do that they frequently switch their workplaces and do not settle down and be part of one environment. These days our upbringing is like that we are comparing success only with the amount of money we make.
  • When we are in the urge to succeed, and for us, success means more money and power, we tend to bring job-changing stress into our life because we do not stick to one work environment. Before understanding and adapting to that environment, we tend to take a leap and shift to another company, sometimes it can bring unnecessary stress in our life, like when we do not gel with our work environment and our colleagues, we tend to underperform by overthinking or whatever may be the reason the quality of our work decreases and which may impact our life adversely.
  • In Japanese culture, frequently switching your workplace is considered undignified. They understand the workplace environment and perform better. Japanese companies are one of the world’s best-performing companies. It can be a very bad statement if we stick to a workplace only because we have made our comfort zone. Money should not be the only reason we should work in any company we should check other factors like the healthy environment, growth factors and learning few.

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Job Changing Stress

5 Tips To Manage Work-life Stress

We should practise some healthy and simple things in our life that can turn out to be very positive and can enhance our lifestyle, like

  • We should always try to increase our skill sets by learning new things and developing our personalities. If we have a robust skill set then performing any job task will be easy and if we do our tasks effectively then we grow stronger in the same workplace & earn positivity and respect from our surroundings, which is very much needed always remember a sense of positivity and appreciation is way better than just making money.
  • Be a very humble, open-minded and eager-to-learn type of person. Respect your work environment and your colleague. Always perform your assigned task so that you learn from it. Sometimes just a smile and thanking your colleague is more than enough, maintaining a healthy relationship uplifts your personality and increases your productivity.
  • Be thankful for what you have and always try to learn new things from your surroundings and work environment. When you are a positive person, your aura is also very positive, and you attract people and experience new things.
  • Maintaining a stress-free life will be very easy if we can differentiate between what needs to be done and what is not necessary. Any job or work we do is necessary to live, but life is much more than that. Do not think we only have to work and earn money to thrive in this life, the job is just a tiny part of it.
  • Form a hobby, spend time with your loved ones, get time for doing meditation or sit silently with yourself. These simple things can transform your life, and stress will merely be just a word of the English language for you.
Manage Work-life Stress


Instead of focusing on balancing your work-life stress, we should focus more on quality of life and how to improve it. We all are different in various aspects then how can we struggle with the same thing? We must be doing something wrong to understand ourselves. Focus and learn how to live effectively, we all are beautiful creatures even the almighty must have loved us that is why we are so different from other creatures of this world. We are making a mess of our superiority because we are yet to discover ourselves and understand this life, so always be a good student, learn new things and live from your experiences.

Mansi Balodi
Mansi Balodi
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